Ann Romney’s Most Embarrassing Moment: George Bush in a Towel

The Clicker on Today has this hilarious nugget from a recent Kelly Ripa interview with Mitt and Ann Romney.  When Kelly asked what Ann’s most embarrassing was, I bet she didn’t see this coming:

Asked what was her most embarrassing moment, Ann Romney had a doozy: the time she and her husband spent the night at the White House when George W. Bush was president and Ann decided to do some exploring.

Opening a door, she said she was shocked at what she found: “It was George Bush having a massage.”

“He was covered up. I was so embarrassed that the next time I saw him I didn’t know what to say. He looked at me and winked and said, ‘I look pretty good, don’t I?’” she said.

The interview will air on ABC’s “LIVE! with Kelly and Michael” show next Tuesday.

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  • jatheist

    I’m wondering if you’re simply ignoring the HUGE Romney gaffe… are you hoping that it will just go away… why haven’t you commented on the (now famous) “47% of Americans won’t vote for me” video?

    It just keeps getting worse of ole Mitt… the more he campaigns the less likely it is that he wins in November… perhaps he should stop campaigning? ;)

  • AnnAZ

    Contrary to your beliefs, Mitt’s “gaffe” is now considered a bold statement of truth and 75% polled in an internet poll agrees with him. We want more of the same from Mitt! MITT ROMNEY 2012!

  • jatheist

    Ooooh… an “internet poll”? How terribly unconvincing.

    The citizens making up the (long outdated) %47 include military personnel who are deployed on active duty and senior citizens past working age among others… that Romney is chasing these voters away is hilarious!

    I also notice that neither French (Nancy/David) has bothered to comment on this terribly news for Mitt’s campaign… I guess they’re hoping it will all blow over. It might – but the way Mitt has been going there’ll be another gaffe to take it’s place. Mitt has no chance.

  • jatheist

    Wow… this gaffe must really be troubling to Romney supporters. I would have thought they would be defending it but I guess it really is indefensible.

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  • Phillip Hall

    The MSM spent more than 50 hours on the “gaffe”. They only spent 7 on the “You didn’t build it” gaffe. It has been covered, jathiest.