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Editor's Choice

Dave Willis

5 vital ways to connect with your spouse

I sat with a couple in my office recently, and before either of them had spoken a word, I already knew they were having serious problems in their marriage I knew because of their posture, and the distance between them. They never touched each other. As my wife Ashley and I have interacted with couples from all [Read More...]

Jeff and Alyssa Bethke

In The Beginning | Maui Edition

I’ve had the idea for this video for the past couple months but I had never gotten around to planning it out. For some reason I had some spare time today so I mapped it out and then I thought it’d be fun to go get drone shots and then read scripture that reminds me of [Read More...]

This Is Not A Blog

One Year of Sobriety: A Post by Bachelor Producer Elan Gale

Here's a guest post by Bachelor producer -- and friend -- Elan Gale. I'm proud of this guy and I love how transparent he is about his struggles. May we all struggle so openly.

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