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Dave Willis

5 surprising teachings about SEX in the Bible

One of the bestselling books of all-time is the Kama Sutra which is an ancient text using both words and images to detail nearly every imaginable sexual position. When people think of a timeless book that holds the keys to great sex, their first thought might be the Kama Sutra, but I’d argue a better [Read More...]

Jeff and Alyssa Bethke

The Price Of Shame (And Why Christians Should Be Different Online)

  I watched this TED talk by Monica Lewinsky a little bit ago and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. As she mentions in the video, she is somewhat of a “patient zero” in the Internet age. Meaning, she was one of the first people to be publicly shamed and torn to [Read More...]

This Is Not A Blog

Why I want a family like the Robertsons from Duck Dynasty

I think I'll head on down to Walmart now and buy me a camo shirt. Give me another four years or so and I'll have a beard to match.

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