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Sean Lowe

Why Does Your Kid Know Who I Am?

One of the best parts about being “The Bachelor” is meeting the show’s fans wherever we go. But sometimes the fans seem a little on the .... YOUNG side.

This Is Not A Blog

Who’s Waging the War on Christmas?

But we may need to think long and hard about how we’re celebrating this holiday season.

Ask Shaunti

How can I get my wife off my back when it comes to health and fitness?

Dear Shaunti, My wife is constantly nagging me about taking care of myself, but I feel like I’m doing a good enough job where that is concerned. I work out sometimes, and try to eat healthy when I can, although I do enjoy some junk food! Lately, I’ve been noticing that she seems to be [Read More...]


Gratitude for Five Years at Patheos – Moving On

We've built an entertainment site of which I am extremely proud.

Building Cathedrals

Picture Perfect

Not to be a whiner, but there have been parts of this Advent which have felt like Lent in our house.  Rather than cheerfully preparing for a beloved guest, I have been wondering why life contains so much suffering, or why I am so weak that I feel like I am suffering sometimes even in [Read More...]

Church for Men

Archery-based church targets men

What happens when you put an archery range inside an abandoned grocery store and call it a church?

Searching for Tom Sawyer

Confessions of a (Former) Seeker Church Pastor

I was the Associate Pastor of a large, Lutheran, Seeker-driven congregation in the Phoenix area from 1984-March 2005. And I loved every minute of it! Every day was energized by the creative passion to find new ways to connect with people disconnected from the church. My particular area of focus was on the Seeker Worship [Read More...]

The Homeschool Chronicles

Goodie Bags At Jesus’ Birthday Party

What if Jesus got the good gifts for this birthday, and we got goodie bags?

Wordy Nerdy

Stubborn Releasing: Walking with My Kid through the Desert

My daughter's going through very bad times, yet God calls me to release her.

A Few Grown Men

Marijuana Use Actually Declines?

Now that people in Colorado and Washington can smoke weed recreationally, marijuana use should be skyrocketing, right? After all, our kids can now argue that it’s not very harmful. “It’s even legal! What’s the big deal?” Surprise, surprise. Marijuana use has actually dropped a couple notches. I’m referring to University of Michigan’s Monitoring the Future [Read More...]

Universal Pictures and Legendary Pictures Present "Unbroken"