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Dave Willis

Fun weekend event for married couples

My wife, Ashley and I are excited to announce that we’re partnering with Craig and Jeanette Gross (of and bestselling authors Jeff and  Shaunti Feldhaun for a weekend marriage-enrichment event for couples. It’s going to be practical, inspirational and FUN!! We want to put on these events in partnership with local churches, so please share this info [Read More...]

This Is Not A Blog

Why Did I Write a Book? Was It Hard to Do?

When I sit down to write a book, I thought it would be pretty straightforward. But it was a lot more overwhelming than I thought it would be.

Ashley Willis

5 Things Women Say But Rarely Mean

Image: Shutter stock   Why is it so hard to simply say what we actually mean at times?  This can sometimes be especially tricky in a marriage.  Whether we are trying to be polite or avoid a statement that just sounds too blunt, we can often end up completely confusing our spouses with our loaded [Read More...]

Ask Shaunti

No Drama-Free Guarantee: Talking to Teenage Boys

Dear Shaunti, My oldest son is having a tough first year of high school – leaving his old friends, trying to make new ones, and dealing with some unfair teachers. I’m thankful that at least he’s talking to us about these struggles (I was worried that he wouldn’t) but when he explains the latest issue, [Read More...]

Church for Men

Why men don’t read the Bible (part 1)

Polls indicate a high level of respect for and belief in the Bible – yet few people actually read it. Why is this? And by extension, why is it so hard to get Christian men to read their Bibles (or a Christian book)?

Searching for Tom Sawyer

A Dad’s Playbook for Forging Faith in his Kids–Part 1

(Many great books have been written recently about how to be more intentional in forging faith in the home.  Most so far have been written by female authors and while inclusive, tend to speak better to moms and women.  Over the next several weeks I want to speak to dads in male language about their unique call [Read More...]

The Homeschool Chronicles

Do Homeschoolers Need More Regulation?

  The number of homeschoolers grew by nearly twenty percent between 2007 and 20012.  Not surprisingly, then, there has been increased attention on homeschooling from legislatures around the country. What is the appropriate role of the state in the lives of homeschoolers?  Do I as a parent have the right to call all the shots for my [Read More...]

Wordy Nerdy

Why I Never Wanted Pets but Got One Anyway

I never wanted pets, never grew up with pets, yet now I have one. Here's how it went.

Universal Pictures and Legendary Pictures Present "Unbroken"