Krauthammer’s Take: ‘People Say Obama Was Off His Game — This Is His Game’

I believe this to be true!  I guess we’ll be able to tell from the next debates.

Hat tip NRO:

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  • Nan Pritchard

    Also agree – was not worried about either candidate not being themselves in debate. Good comment on the ‘messianic’ credit the President has enjoyed. Gov. Romney I know is a people person. You cant be a leader in your church and not be a people person.

  • Terry

    Been awhile since I posted on EFM.

    A few thoughts on the debate: Mitt performed a sort of magic trick, dissolving into nothingness (in just 90 minutes), all the money the Obama campaign and others have spent on negative ads about him. He performed so well in fact, that most of the liberal MSM had, HAD, to admit that he won the debate.

    It’s going to get nastier, but Mitt will weather whatever comes his way–and he’ll do it with the same confidence and calmness as he handled the first debate. And even though it’s not in Mitt’s character to go after or “get revenge” on another, by his showing genuine respect for the office of the President even while schooling Obama and bringing to light the president’s untruths about Mitt, Mitt proved that he was the better man. Sometimes, that can be the best revenge of all.

    One last thing: Mitt will be the next president of the United States. The debate was too revealing for too many intelligent people in the U.S. for him not to have earned the position. Add to that his known history of fixing broken things (i.e. the Olympics and the Massachusetts economy), and the question of who is most qualified to be the next president is an absolute no-brainer. There may be two more debates left, but that doesn’t matter–Mitt’s got it. The remaining debates will merely solidify his claim to the presidency in the minds of others. November 6th can’t come soon enough for me.