22 Behind the Scenes Photos of DWTS with Bristol Palin

Before the show, the family gathered in the ABC trailer lot to hang out with Bristol before her quick step!

Last week, my 13 year old daughter Camille and I had the honor of going to Hollywood and seeing Dancing with the Stars in person as the guest of Bristol Palin.  (Bristol and I worked together on her New York Times best selling book, Not Afraid of Life!  In a weird coincidence, I also work with Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson on her New York Times best selling book, A Winning Balance.  Both ladies are contestants on Dancing with the Stars All Stars this season!)

Anyway, it was a great way for Camille to spend her Fall Break and I thought you might like to see some photos from our time there!

Believe or not, I’d never been to an “In n Out Burger.” After we ate here, I took this photo with my iPhone which had a Romney 2012 cover. A man on the street saw my phone, and started following us down the street, using every expletive in the book. He followed us for blocks, until I decided to confront him. When I finally turned around, he bolted. Camille said, “That was every curse word I knew, and then some!”

PHOTO TWO: See the next photo of the Palins, other DWTS celebs, and more Hollywood fun!

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