Your Questions About Mitt, Life, and Religion — Answered!

In August I sat down with the good folks at Life Report to answer, well, about a million questions (give or take) about Mitt Romney.  The report is now up, and if you’ve ever questioned Mitt’s commitment to life or asked the “religion question,” I invite you to watch (Warning — I’m less telegenic than Nancy).  Here are the questions I answered:

1: What do you say to Evangelicals who say that abortion is just another “social justice issue.”
2: Why should evangelical’s vote for Mitt Romney?
3: What is your response to William Saleton’s lengthy piece in Slate about Romney’s abortion views?
4: Do you think that Romney has a chance of winning the election?
5: Some people argue that Christians should just “vote their conscience” meaning vote for whichever candidate most aligns with their personal beliefs. So they usually vote third party or they don’t vote at all because they argue that the outcome is not their responsibility, but voting their conscience is. What do you say to them?
6: Nick from Carbondale, Illionois: “Why should Christians accept the two-party system and indeed the political spectrum itself as somehow written in stone and never being able to change?”
7: Tara from Marietta GA: “How are we supposed to vote based on principles if we are given only non-principled choices?”
8: Jen from Rochester, NY: “Why should pro-lifers vote for Romney when his health care policy forced everyone to buy abortion coverage?”
9: What do you say to Christians in California and New York who feel defeated before the election even happens, or to Christians in Texas where they may feel complacent? How do you tell them to avoid discouragement or apathy?
10: Jonathan Merritt wrote a book called “A Faith of Our Own – Following Jesus Beyond the Culture Wars” and he argues that you’re creating a false dichotomy for Christians: either fight the culture wars or stay silent. Is that a false dichotomy or is that not even your argument?
11: Greg from Kansas City: “Why should Christians vote for a Mormon over a Protestant Christian?”
12: What do you think Christians should be doing with social media in regards to this election?
13: What can and can’t pastors do in regards to speaking about politics from the pulpit?

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  • jatheist

    Mitt is being a solid as ever in this video… showing his fellow Americans that he can hold any position on any subject depending on his audience:
    How can you support this fraud?!

  • jatheist

    Mitt Romney Yesterday (Tues. Oct. 9th): “There’s no legislation with regards to abortion that I’m familiar with that would become part of my agenda.”

    2 hours later his campaign corrects him: “Governor Romney would of course support legislation aimed at providing greater protections for life.”

    So Mitt Romney went from “no legislation … that would become part of my agenda” to “would of course support legislation” in the span of just two hours. Wow. At least when he was governor it took him two full years to flip-flop on his pro-choice pledge.

    (From Daily Kos:

    Is any of this news to you? Do you still believe he has ~any~ principles other than getting himself elected president? The man is a fraud…

  • jatheist
  • Deena

    “There’s no legislation with regards to abortion that I’m familiar with that would become part of my agenda.”

    What part of “that I’m familiar with” is a foreign word to you? Is Romney focused on pushing a pro-life agenda? Nope, he’s focused on the economy and our leadership in the world. IF legislation comes across his desk supporting life – he’ll support it. The quotes given above are not contradictory. And I’ve been to dailykos before – sorry, but I’m not fond of that 4-letter word laced sewer. If that’s your main source of news – I’m sorry for you.

    Let’s get people back to work and our debt under control first – it’s hard for anybody to focus on social issues however important when they don’t know where their next meal is coming from or if they’re going to lose their home.

  • jatheist


    So you honestly don’t believe that Romney knows of ~any~ abortion legislation? He’s completely ignorant of the many (unconstitutional) laws being proposed in this country? Really? Does he not bother to read the news?

  • Deena

    Can we say non-sequiter? What do state laws have to do with Congress? What current Congressional representative or Senator is planning on sending anything to a President Romney’s desk? Because I follow politics pretty darn closely, and I’m aware of none – if you know of something, by all means, feel free to share. Romney has committed to appointing pro-life judges, and worked to promote life in MA against an almost all Democratic legislature. He’s committed to repeal/replace Obamacare with its mandate that all employers provide abortion. I see a flip – from pro-choice to pr0-life. I don’t see any flip back.

  • jatheist

    Well, Romney’s campaign says he ~will~ support anti-abortion legislation – and Romney himself says he won’t. And most of his base are pretty adamant that they want him to – but because he needs support from the moderates he has to pretend that he doesn’t support such legislation… I haven’t a clue what he would do because he changes his tune so often it’s impossible to tell!

    But just keep pretending that he cares about the middle class and that social issues aren’t important… just make sure you stay home in November! ;)

  • Deena

    Romney did not say he won’t support anti abortion legislation! Man, you are English-challenged! He said he is not aware of any abortion legislation right now – hm, maybe because there isn’t any on anybody’s radar right now??? When I asked you to list it – you didn’t – hm, maybe because you couldn’t find any? His agenda is the economy first – and what will help all Americans more than fixing that??? Social issues are important – and the most important social issue right now is getting people off the dole and back to work.

    If you think Romney doesn’t care about people, you know nothing whatsoever about the man. He has spend his whole life outside of work serving other people both with money and time. And his work life produced many of the businesses that are household names today. Bain had a higher success rate than almost any other investment firm. Did they succeed with all of them? Nope. But I’ll take Romney’s success rate over Obaman’s any day. Solyndra is only the tip of that iceberg.

  • jatheist

    Deena wrote *about Romney): “…[he] worked to promote life in MA against an almost all Democratic legislature.”

    When Romney was running for the governorship his platform included: “As Governor, Mitt Romney would protect the current pro-choice status quo in Massachusetts. No law would change.”
    He even had the backing of NARAL at the time.

    And then in the 2007 presidential debate he said: “…the people should make [the abortion] decision, not the court.”

    Seems he was pretty pro-choice in 2007 after he was governor of MA. So what were you saying about his anti-choice stance again??

    (source: wikipedia)

  • Deena

    When Romney was running for the governorship his platform included: “As Governor, Mitt Romney would protect the current pro-choice status quo in Massachusetts. No law would change.”
    He even had the backing of NARAL at the time.

    Did you even watch the video above. No one disputes that Romney was pro-choice. AFTER he was governor, during the stem cell debate, he came out as pro-life. And has remained so, ever since. Like I said, he flipped to pro-life, and has never flipped back. As far as the 2007 statement, you apparently are very unfamiliar with the conservative stance on pro-life. It was the Supreme Court, who in Roe. vs. Wade did more to politicize abortion than anything prior. By reversing Roe vs. Wade, we would return the decision back to the people. California and New England states would no doubt stay pro-choice. But many states in fly-over country would enact pro-life laws. Giving the people back the option to be pro-life is what he meant when he said “…the people should make [the abortion] decision, not the court.” No thoughtful pro-lifer expects to suddenly outlaw abortion everywhere. People’s hearts and minds need to be won over first. What can happen is gradual change, as we change people’s minds. Which has been happening. Pro-lifers, moderates and strict together, outnumber pro-choicers. 30 years of aborting future liberals will do that, as future conservatives are born in higher numbers.

  • jatheist

    Deena wrote: “you apparently are very unfamiliar with the conservative stance on pro-life.”

    Indeed! I realized after I’d posted the comment… he didn’t mean (gasp) the women themselves deciding what to do with their bodies but that the majority in each state should decide. What a stupid proposal.
    Still – you are right about his 2007 statement. I admit my error.

    I think it’s really cute the way you dance around the obvious deceit of his words though… he’s all ‘cancel planned-parenthood funding’ in front of fundy audiences, and amongst the moderates he’s all ‘let the states decide. I would not support any legislation (including defunding PP apparently)’.

    The snake-oil is comes by the bucket-load with this guy…

  • Deena

    So, I guess you think it’s worth borrowing money from China to fund PP? I’m not worried about whether he’ll do that – I expect him to do a far better job of fulfilling campaign promises than most presidents. This is the guy who as soon as he was elected governor, handed his staff a list of his campaign promises and set them to work to get them all checked off.

    Am I surprised he tailors his message to different audiences (gasp!) ? Gee, no. Have you ever heard of politics? puleez. Nobody could win an election in America by appealing to only one type of voter. You need people to come together to support you.

  • jatheist

    Deena asked: “I guess you think it’s worth borrowing money from China to fund PP?”

    Why would you think that?
    I do believe that women, especially poor women in poor neighbourhoods, need PP in their lives and that cutting funding from something that important would be a disaster (again, especially for the poor). I know the ignorant (you seem informed so that likely doesn’t include you) people in this country think PP is all about abortions all the time – but the truth of the matter is that they provide valuable cancer treatments to poor women and abortion is a tiny fraction of the work they do.

  • jatheist

    Deena wrote: “…I’m not worried about whether he’ll do that.”

    Are you worried that he tells one audience that he ~will~ defund them and then turns around and tells a different audience that he won’t? Tailoring a message for your audience must be republican speak for ‘lying’…

  • Deena

    Apparenty you don’t watch debates either. Romney when asked what he would cut from the federal budget answered that everything would be measured by that standard, whether it was worth borrowing money from China to pay for it. Basically the federal government is borrowing 40% of every dollar we spend right now. Try that in your personal life, see how well it will work. That’s how Obama got our credit rating knocked down, btw, that’s about to happen again. As for abortions and PP – here’s a quote from the NYT (hardly a conservative puppet!):
    Planned Parenthood likes to claim that abortion accounts for just 3 percent of its services, for instance, and this statistic has been endlessly recycled in the press. But the percentage of the group’s clients who received an abortion is probably closer to 1 in 10, and Planned Parenthood’s critics have estimated, plausibly, that between 30 and 40 percent of its health center revenue is from abortion.

    By way of comparison, the organization also refers pregnant women for adoption. In 2010, this happened 841 times, against 329,445 abortions.
    As an adoptee – I find that horrendous. Liberals whine about wanted vs. unwanted children – well, liberals are one of the reasons why few people can afford to adopt.

  • jatheist

    Deena wrote: “Apparenty you don’t watch debates either.”

    You’re on a roll!! Debates are a joke… nothing of substance is said, it’s nothing but platitudes and cliché’s – in search of the perfect sound bite. Waste of time.

    Deena cont’d: “As an adoptee – I find that horrendous.”

    Say what? You find it “horrendous” that PP refers women for adoption? Or you find it horrendous that more women don’t accept forced pregnancy and opt for adoption than the 841 out of 330,000 that you quoted above?

    Deena cont’d: “liberals are one of the reasons why few people can afford to adopt.”

    Like your statement that the U.S. is in debt to China (seemingly) solely because of Obama this one is pure hyperbolic BS… Do your right wing friends believe that adoption is expensive because of the “liberals” too? Because that’s insane and a statement you most certainly don’t have evidence to support.

  • jatheist

    Deena wrote: “Liberals whine about wanted vs. unwanted children”

    For the record – the only thing that I see as a priority regarding a woman and her pregnancy is whether she wants to be pregnant or not. I don’t care if there are too many kids in foster homes/orphanages or not enough kids to go to adoptive parents – the only thing that matters is what the ~individual~ woman wants to do with ~her~ body. Keep the fetus? Great! Abort it? Do it safely and move on with your life. Either way it should be ~her~ choice.

  • Deena

    Debates are a joke – when your guy loses. :-) As for sound bites vs. substance, again, I have to say again, apparently you didn’t watch Romney destroy Obama with facts and logic.

    As for women and abortion – I find it horrendous that women would rather kill a baby than offer it life. I believe life begins at conception, not at “viability” or birth or whenever after toddlerhood some liberal finally thinks it’s worth protecting (and yes, I’ve read articles by such liberals). As for “forced” pregnancies, less than one percent of pregnancies result from rape. And while I personally could never consider ending such a pregnancy, I’m a pro-lifer who can see exceptions for rape/incest and health reasons as acceptable. The other 99% plus pregnancies result from poor decision making. If it wasn’t so easy to use abortion as the backup birth control plan, maybe people would improve their decision making a bit. There’s plenty of evidence that birth is safer and healthier than abortion. As for adoption costs? Well, my parents paid less for my adoption than for the c-section births of my brothers. 30 years later, I couldn’t afford to adopt. Basic economics is supply and demand – there are dozens of infertile families for every baby available. You may not care – big surprise. Trust me, if the babies were available, the families would be there to adopt, because they do care.

    And the bottom line – what choice does the baby get?

  • jatheist

    Deena wrote: “Debates are a joke – when your guy loses. :-)”

    Ouch! ;)

    Deena cont’d: “apparently you didn’t watch Romney destroy Obama with facts and logic.”

    You’re right… but, of course, nobody did. Romney used the debate as a means to brush up on his ability to blatantly lie and keep a straight face! The whole night was nothing but Obama yawning (and appearing bored) and Romney trotting out one lie after another!

    Deena wrote: “I find it horrendous that women would rather kill a baby than offer it life.”

    It’s hard for me to empathize since I’m a man… but your “kill a baby” or “offer it life” brushes the reality of the situation under the rug. It’s mostly (over %95 of the time) a less than 12 week old fetus, not a “baby”, that is aborted. And there is that little inconvenient fact that the women must carry this growing fetus within her, suffer the sickness and physical pains that accompany it and endure birthing the child. I’d say it’s a wonder ANY women actually go through with it!

    Deena cont’d: “The other 99% plus pregnancies result from poor decision making.’

    Or faulty or misused birth control.

    Deena cont’d: “If it wasn’t so easy to use abortion as the backup birth control plan, maybe people would improve their decision making a bit.”

    That is utter BS. That you claim that it’s “so easy to use abortion” shows that you don’t know anything about what a woman goes through in choosing an abortion. I don’t know a single woman that claims their abortion was “easy” or a viable birth control alternative. None. It’s an agonizing decision that woman makes and one that is made more agonizing by the anti-choicers that call her all sorts of names because of her decision.
    It’s FAR from “easy”.

    Deena cont’d: “30 years later, I couldn’t afford to adopt. Basic economics is supply and demand – there are dozens of infertile families for every baby available.”

    I see what you’re saying now… you don’t include adopting a child in your analysis. Adopting a newborn is probably not that easy – but there are orphanages full of ~children~ waiting to be adopted. Perhaps that should be your focus – you know, on humans who have fully functioning nervous systems unlike the aborted fetus.

    Deena wrote: “if the babies were available, the families would be there to adopt, because they do care.”

    If they “cared” they would be willing to adopt a ~child~ instead of a newborn.

    Deena cont’d: “what choice does the baby get?”

    Hmmm… Lacking a central nervous system – what choice ~should~ a fetus get? You do understand it doesn’t have feelings or emotions yet right? Parents make decisions for their children all the time – and those kids have a functioning nervous system!

  • Deena

    Btw, where did I say that we are in debt to China solely due to Obama? Please, cut and paste.

    I am well aware that Bush spent plenty of money. Basically, he gave Congress whatever it wanted in return for a free hand against terrorism. Not the wisest course – because Congress is really good at spending other peoples money. Of course, liberals are the only ones who treat their presidents as infallible and all-wonderful. Conservatives grouse about their guy, even when they support the rest of his agenda.

    That said – Obama makes Bush look like a tightwad. Again, quoting a LIBERAL source (CBS news, March 19, 2012) –
    The Debt rose $4.899 trillion during the two terms of the Bush presidency. It has now gone up $4.939 trillion since President Obama took office.

    So, in 3.5 years, Obama managed to outspend what Bush did over 8 years? Remember – YOU decided to bring that one up. Thanks btw for the compliment about me not being one of the uninformed ones… ;)

  • Deena

    Actually, being unable to afford to adopt a baby, we looked into foster/adopt in CA. The social worker wasn’t interested in a white conservative religious couple with two children. The whole line about orphanages full of children is a crock – unless of course you are rich… because the only places with orphanages are foreign countries, where the cost is equal to the most expensive infertility treatments or to domestic infant adoption. We need to do plenty to make adoption easier for everybody, which was my point. I’m the adopted daughter of an adopted man – so I have 3 generations of experience to look at. Trust me, it is far harder in every way, not just cost, to adopt now than in generations past.

    As for abortion being easy or hard, please explain the 40% abortion rate in NYC, including the 60% black abortion rate, and 72% among black teens. No, I haven’t personally been through an induced abortion. 9 miscarriages and 3 births, but no abortions. However, those kind of statistics tell me that there are a lot of women who do treat it as the backup birth control method. Yes, it’s a traumatic decision – especially if you eventually see an ultrasound with the baby moving. That’s why depression rates are so much higher among women who’ve had an abortion. One of those health risks (among several others) that PP doesn’t tell them about BEFORE the procedure. Cause it’s nothing more than getting a wart removed, right? A blob of tissue? Never saw a wart eventually graduate from college, of course…

  • Terry

    You need to check your facts. Romney became pro-life while he was still governor of MA. His position has not changed since then.

    You anti-Romney folks amuse me–going to great lengths to prove that Mitt is something he is not. Looks like you are following in the footsteps of Obama and his campaign.

  • Terry

    Wow…what audience did Romney tell that he would not defund PP? I’ve watched plenty of Romney videos and have yet to hear him say that.