Say It Louder, Candy: Romney was “Right in Main”

Candy Crowley, who moderated the debate tonight, did well until the very end when she sided with President Obama incorrectly.  Here’s video of her explanation:

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  • Debbie

    I am so disgusted w the media trying everything to get Ob elected. He is fundamentally changing our country and all y’all can do is drool around him. It’s disgusting. Our Founding Fathers created a free press for a reason. You and many of your colleagues have forgotten that. Ob is not good for this country. Do you like that 1 of 6 Americans is in poverty? I guess so. You sure tried to help him It’s why I don’t watch CNN. Godspeed.

  • Michael B.

    This is the ultimate endorsement of Mitt Romney:

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  • John P

    She sided with Obama correctly. Mitt Romney had no clue that the day after the attack President Obama had called it “an act of terror.” Even today, after hearing it many, many times, Republicans don’t recognize President Obama’s statement as “an act of terror.” They are the “blind following the blind” or in this case “the deaf following the deaf.”

    “Right in the main” is a generous way of saying “You guys are wrong.” Is that all the Republican Party is good for? Half-truths, shades of truth and point blank lies? Is that all conservative thought is good for today?

    Should President Obama one day after the attack, without knowing any of the details of the attack, jumped to conclusions and presumed the attack was Al Qaeda? Is that “good” Republican policy? To presume and stir up hatred?

    My problem with Republican thought, as an ex-Republican, is it is all incomplete “truth.” I use the word “truth” loosely and in quotations because it is half-truths, shades of truth and point blank lies. All of it.

    Mitt Romney “went on the record.” He stopped his argument specifically so he could bring more attention to this one issue. It was an issue he was dead wrong on. Is “right in the main” all the Republican Party is good for?

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