The Prayer of Faith: In God We Trust

Over at Mitt Romney Central, Victor Lundquist shares a reflection and prayer from Dan Olsen who exhorts us to appeal to God for the challenges facing our country and specifically lift up Governor Romney as tonight’s debate approaches.  

Olsen’s prayer is as follows:  “We ask that God extend his grace for the protection and safety of our troops, to strengthen Governor Romney, that he will benefit fully from his preparation, that he will have clarity of mind, that he will recall the facts needed to make his case, that he will clearly make his arguments and rebut unfair criticism, that his audience will understand, and that those hearing Governor Romney will listen with an open mind and be willing to hear.” 

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  • hillplus

    Lovely prayer! I join my voice with others to say a big AMEN!!

  • Brantley Gasaway

    I assume you will agree that Christians of all political persuasions should pray the exact same prayer for President Obama, correct? If not, perhaps you could explain why it is not appropriate to pray that BOTH candidates present their cases clearly and fairly, and that audiences will listen with an open mind to BOTH men? Or, better yet, how would you respond to fellow Christians who offered a prayer exclusively for President Obama?

  • Darin

    AMEN. I prayed and fasted for Mitt yesterday and pray always for his and Ann’s safety.