Parody of Lena Dunham’s Obama Ad

Earlier this week, I showed you guys the new official Obama ad featuring HBO Girls’ producer Lena Dunham.  Parody ads were bound to pop up.  Here’s the first one I’ve seen — what do you think?  (H/T to Brian Perrin)

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  • Carpenter

    Ok lets add this up
    1) Obama is for MORE homosexuality.
    2) He is for MORE socialism.
    3) He is for MORE government control over our lives.
    4) He is for MORE Gay Marriages.
    5) Obama is for MORE debt.
    6) Obama is for MORE immorality.
    7) Obama is for MORE ABORTIONS!

    8) he is helping the Radical Islam arm itself against God’s chosen Nation Isreal.
    Voting for Obama is like loosing your Viginity to Satan!