The Romneys on Thanksgiving

They’ve kept a low profile lately, but this is a sweet photo of Ann and Mitt which showed up on his Facebook page over Thanksgiving.  He wrote:

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Much to be thankful for this year.

I love seeing this photo, and I hope they were able to kick back and relax.  They deserve some down time!

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  • Craig

    Does the obsession with Romney have an end?

    • Peggy

      I hope it doesn’t end. Its hard not to love people who are just plain good, honest people. We need more public figures like this.

    • Tara Edelschick

      Geesh. That’s just plain mean, Craig. Why does it have to be an obsession? Shouldn’t we all be glad to see people whom we know have been through the ringer look relaxed and happy? I didn’t vote for him, but this picture made me happy. If you let yourself, I bet it would do the same for you, Craig.

  • Samuelsens

    Hope they had a nice Thanksgiving! We pray that they will have some good rest now.