I Thought It Would Be Different

Honestly, I’m still not over this.  I know I should be, but I’m not.

I had a book deadline that came just before Christmas, so I plunged myself into that project as soon as the election was over.  I think that book acted like a sort of morphine to help dull the immediate pain of the loss.  But the book is over, and here I sit in Tennessee getting calendar alerts for an event I won’t attend.

This notice was like a ghost which might visit someone during the night.  The ghost of what might have been.  The ghost of seven years of work.  The ghost of cultural decay camouflaged by tuxedos, evening gowns, pearls, champagne.

So, I dismiss the alert, and get back to life.

But, I just really thought it would be different.

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  • Steven

    Kinda feels like we’re in some sort of distopian “alternate reality” doesn’t it?

  • SEaston

    Yes, it’s still painful. Our country needed MR. He didn’t need us, but now he is free to go on with his life. It’s our loss that our nation may not recover from for decades, if at all. We must watch BO like a hawk and attempt to counter his dangerous policies.

  • J. Morales

    Yeah, I’m still disappointed in the American public for their votes. Hopefully, there will be time to repair the damage but the clock is ticking away . . .

  • ThanksMo

    For me, it still feels like a nightmare I haven’t woken up from. Part of what made it a nightmare is that a large percentage of Americans looked at the horrendous state of our economy under Obama and said, “Eh, we can’t really do any better than this.” I have a hard time wanting to walk into the future shoulder to shoulder with this America; they really have a different view of this country than I do. And for me there’s also a huge personal loss in not knowing how fantastic a president Romney could have been, in not having the joy and immense relief of seeing him up there with his hand on a Bible taking the oath and knowing at least some of the damage of the last 4 years would be reversed. Boy, writing all this I realize how depressed I’ve been about it.

  • http://stowellbrown.blogspot.com/ Flyaway

    Not as depressed this time as I was when Clinton was elected. Nothing is too difficult for God. He will make it all work out some way for His elect. Maybe Jesus will be back in 2013!

  • Becky

    Thank you for sharing this, Nancy. I don’t know what is more entertaining, the depression, the confusion, or the residual smug judgmentalism. Regardless, it brought a smile to my face.

  • Terry

    I was very confused when Obama came out on top. Took me awhile to sort things out. I beleive that we did all we could to insure a Romney presidency, including involking the Lord’s help in the matter through prayer and fasting. Well, Romney is not the president, but I don’t think this country is lost because of it. I have to believe that God heard our prayers, and has something planned that is going to turn this country around. Wistful thinking on my part? I don’t believe so. The Lord has a pretty long eye down the road, and I have to think that what He has in store will be more gratifying–when the time comes that we are able to look back on it–than what would have occurred had Romney been able to take over the reins of the presidency. I’ve no doubt that we will go through some rough times as a country, but if we maintain our trust in Him and keep working to bring about good, we’ll be okay in the end.

    Evil never gives up, and neither can we.

  • Terry

    So Becky, you got what you wanted, and are therefore “amused” and entertained by those who did not. You even smiled about it? Obviously no sympothy for those who labored–probably harder than you did–only to see their candidate fall short in the end. Reminds me of the parable of the Good Samaritan. Emotionally, you have chosen to pass by on the other side of the road. I, at least, would have shown some sympothy towards their depression. Others who have posted here would have done the same had the out-come been different. I’ll let you which attitude is the more humane one.

  • Terry

    Oops…should read “I’ll let you decide which attitude is the more humane one.” (Note to Becky: you have my permission to be as “amused” as you want over my unintentional blunder.)

  • Sharon

    Thanks Nancy, for sharing your thoughts with us. I know it has been hard for me to accept as well. I keep thinking of what could have been…. I feel our country lost the best candidate for President since our Founding generation. Mitt Romney had skill, character, and integrity. (I still don’t believe the election was won fairly though–too many odd voting numbers. And if that is true, what does that mean for any future election?)

    I am angry at the Republicans who continue to blame Mitt for not winning–saying somehow he couldn’t connect with average voter. So who but someone who thinks someone else owes them a living could relate this President? I mean, seriously, 12 vacations taken by Michelle and the girls, amounting to I believe $16 million in taxpayer funded dollars?? I certainly can’t relate to that. Mitt has shown in so many ways through HOW he lived his life in service to his family, Church, and community what matters most. No one who has honestly looked at his life and what he has done could say he does not care or relate to people who have considerably less than he does.

    Look at what won, it was all about social issues. The Democrats and their supporters couldn’t care less about things like fiscal responsibility, job creation, and cutting spending. The social issues card was played over and over again by their party leaders. Apparently enough voters didn’t care about unemployment rates, gas prices, being energy independent, school choice, Benghazi, the DOJ cover-ups over voter intimidation, fraud, and gun running. Actions speak louder than words and by their actions I do not see these things as being a priority.

    Despite some calls for reform about the Republican platform, I could not support any party that looks and smells like what the Democratic party is offering.

    Freedom to some seems to be focused on whether our country has employer provided contraceptives, gay marriage, and gov’t handouts. It’s not about being free to spend your own money how you see fit instead of the government. It’s not about being free to hand to the next generation the freedom from worrying about how to pay the gov’t debt. It is not about having an economy strong and vibrant enough to provide one with the security that they will have a job when they graduate or for a family to pay next month’s bills. This is pathetic.

    So many warning flags were waved during this election. Where are we headed as a nation? How far, as a nation, we have strayed from integrity. How far, as a nation, we have strayed from our Constitution. This is evidenced in so many ways, but not the least being that our gov’t does not have the right to tell businesses what BENEFITS it has to provide for employees–which forcing companies to provide contraceptives in their health plans does. This is not just about losing religious freedom it is about losing freedom to decide how a company/individual will spend its own money!! Even those who couldn’t care less about protecting religious freedom should be up in arms over that. In my county schools can tell you what snacks you can send your children to school with, and what they need to bring for lunch. Who is spending the money? The county? No, it’s the parents! So who should have the right by law to determine what is sent? Yet, parents don’t fight the over-reach. Just like those voters who turned a blind eye to the Federal governments continued over-reach. Just one more nail in the coffin of liberty.

    I agree 100% with Terry that God is in control and I have full confidence that He will bring about His purposes and plan. Nonetheless, I wasn’t ready for this.

    A parting thought, a revolutionary war hero, George Nicholas, stated the following about the Constitution, ““An enlightened people will never suffer what was established for their security to be perverted to an act of tyranny.” And John Adams said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to a government of any other.”

    Are we an enlightened people? Where do you think we are as a nation? If anyone wants to learn more about the Constitution, I would highly recommend the series titled, Constitutional Literacy by Michael Farris.

  • Craig

    Imagine the disillusionment and grief of your forebears when they lost the Civil War. Big government encroached on their way of life; they were certain that God was on their side; they had sacrificed so much. So misbegotten the struggle, and yet some are still waving the flags of their confederacy.

  • disqus_ZE3VhQZ7M6

    Craig, the war of the North and South should be called the war between Republicans and Democrats. The myth that it was state rights vs federal control is hogwash if you read the Confederate constitution. Sure they were all about state rights – if and only if your state was pro slavery. Slavery and the Constitution were not compatible, to avoid the HUGE inconsistency one most view blacks as non human. Yes Lincoln increased the power of the Federal government over states, but this was thanks in part to his obeying his oath to the Constitution to protect the U.S. from enemies foreign and domestic. The Democrats started the war, Lincoln did everything he could to finish the war.

    P.S. I really doubt you have a clue as to who Nancy French is if you think she fallows the lefts stupid stereotype of conservatives as being racists. Racism is far stronger on the side of the Democrats and not with the Republicans, Republicans who were willing to fight the Democrats to preserve the union and abolish slavery.