Sarah Palin: “God Understands Destiny More than I Do”

This is a great interview by David Brody on CBN, with Sarah Palin about her new book “Good Tidings and Great Joy.”

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About Nancy French

Nancy French is a New York Times Best Selling Author. She's written Home and Away: A Story of Family in a Time of War, Red State of Mind: How a Catfish Queen Reject Became a Liberty Belle, and has co-written Bristol Palin's memoir, Not Afraid of Life.

  • Bill

    A lot of people understand a lot of things more than she does.

  • Anton

    That Sarah Palin never backs down from a battle, unless it involves serving a full term as Governor or something crazy like that.

  • stowellbrown

    Thanks for posting. She is correct! There is a war and it is not against flesh and blood.

    • James

      So then this war exists in your mind?

  • Y. A. Warren

    She is simply a cute coward and a disgrace to women of substance.

  • ahermit

    Palin is practically incoherent, and the “war on Christmas” is a right wing myth. The atheist argument is that if you allow the use of public resources for expressions of faith you have to allow all beliefs to make use of those resources, not just privilege one.

    And those Christian founders Palin appeals to? They actually outlawed Christmas…

    Massachusetts and Connecticut followed the Plymouth colony in refusing to condone any observance of the day.[1] When the Puritans came to power in England following the execution of King Charles I, Parliament enacted a law in 1647 abolishing the observance of Christmas, Easter, and Whitsuntide.[1][4] The Puritans of New England then passed a series of laws making any observance of Christmas illegal.[6] A Massachusetts law of 1659 punished offenders with a hefty five shilling fine.[4][6]

    • Nemo

      I’m impressed, ahermit. Not many people know the history of the Puritans in England, or about their theological gripes with anything they thought was “Catholic”. Well done.