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Nancy French is a three time New York Times Best Selling Author.

David French: Why ‘Transparency’ is Not Always a Good Thing

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My husband David French appeared on Dennis Prager’s most recent Prager University video about the topic of “transparency.”  Though it sounds like a good thing, it’s not always.  Here’s how it’s destroying free speech in America today: [Read more…]

Saturday Night Live Features ‘Amazon Echo for Older People’

Amazon’s new Alexa is an amazing new device that has revolutionized the homes of many.  But sometimes older people struggle to use it.

This weekend, my dad came over to our house and was amazed that our device could play any Jim Reeves song.  Then, he proceeded to try to give it instructions, as we all watched in amusement.

Dad, this Saturday Night Live skit is for you: [Read more…]

Name the Fictional Tennessee Town in My New Novel

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Earlier this week, I asked my Facebook friends to help me name a town in the novel I’m working on. The setting is a rural, Middle Tennessee town, situated on a lake. After 600 responses, I narrowed them down to the options below. [Read more…]

‘The Simpsons’ skewers Yale’s culture of entitlement and coddling

For those of you who have been watching in amazement as Yale flushes itself down the cultural toilet bowl, you’ll appreciate the treatment that the Simpsons gives it: [Read more…]

Grocery store ad reflects big misunderstanding about “Good Friday”

A recent ad from a grocery story called Tesco demonstrates that they might not quite understand the backstory to the holiday known as “Good Friday:” [Read more…]