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Nancy French is a three time New York Times Best Selling Author.

Duke Freshmen Assigned Graphic Sexual Novels – Here’s Why One Student Refused To Read It

As a UK fan, I’ll take any opportunity to criticize Duke…  and the university has given us a good reason to shake our heads.

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Don’t Tell MTV, But It’s Been Boring for 30 Years

David French, over at National Review, says what most of us are thinking: [Read more...]

Hillary Clinton: Republicans Who Want to Defund Planned Parenthood Are Like ‘Terrorist Groups’

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It’s almost like a Saturday Night Live skit in it’s preposterousness, but it’s just not funny. [Read more...]

Yes, Gay Black Men Can Be Killers, Too


When Dylann Roof murdered people in Charleston because of his racism, people said that — as David French wrote in National Review — “his actions were deemed inseparable not just from America’s gun culture but also from its racist past. Flags had to come down, statues had to be toppled, and even Confederate bones had to be exhumed.”  [Read more...]

Dear Media, Donald Trump Does Not Care About Your Bible Gotcha Questions

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Quick — what’s your favorite Bible verse? If you’re like most people John 3:16 came to mind.  But if that’s your answer and you’re a Presidential candidate, you’d be skewered for being “obvious.” What IS the right answer if you’re a candidate?  [Read more...]