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Nancy French is a three time New York Times Best Selling Author.

CPAC can emphasize free speech without inviting an alt right champion of pedophilia

It’s been a very bad week so far for Milo Yiannopoulos.  If you haven’t been following the news, the libertarian spokesperson has been uninvited to CPAC, lost a very lucrative book deal with Simon & Schuster, and was forced to resign from Brietbart.

My husband David French explained the background on National Review: [Read more…]

Black Yale student who fought to change Calhoun building’s name, finds out he’s a descendant of the slaveholder

Tobias Holden is a black student from South Carolina who was sick and tired of the adulation that John C. Calhoun – secretary of war under James Monroe, secretary of state under John Tyler,  and Vice President under John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson – got in his home state of South Carolina. Calhoun, a South Carolina senator, has been honored throughout the years even though he was a known racist in his time… and ever since. [Read more…]

Little girl believes numbers go 1, 2, 3, 5 until Mom figures out how to show her the truth about 4

This little girl is the cutest thing ever. [Read more…]

The most joyful gospel singing happened this week on the GRAMMYs by Chance the Rapper

My son and I have listened to Chance the Rapper for a few months now, and I’ve been impressed by his work and his heart.  But on the GRAMMYs this week, I was blown away by his amazing combination of gospel, rap, and pure adrenaline. [Read more…]

Cleaner says she won’t work on ‘Day without an Immigrant’ but she didn’t expect the homeowner’s response

A woman has been using the same talented housecleaner for five years.  That’s why she was surprised to get a text, which said she was going to skip her regular house cleaning this week due to “Day without an Immigrant.” [Read more…]