Sixth Graders Get Birth Control and Teens Gets IUDs Without Parents’ Knowledge


A public high school in Seattle thinks letting girls drink soda is more dangerous than implanting high schoolers with IUDs — without their parents’ permission. [Read more...]

Genitals as Wounds: TLC’s Irresponsibile Celebration of Transgender Children

Did you see what reality TV is headed your way?   [Read more...]

Government Tells Christian Bakers They Can’t Speak Out about Same Sex Marriage


So, that didn’t take long.   [Read more...]

Camille Cosby’s Dismissal of Victims Shows True Feminism

Bill Cosby has finally admitted that he got drugs to give women before he had sex with them. For those of you keeping score at home, nearly forty women claimed to be victims of the once beloved comedian.  The saga is heartwrenching, but it’s also an interesting study of the limits of feminism’s market on compassion when it comes to sexual assault victims.

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Camille Cosby: “I don’t believe in unconditional love.”

Now that Bill Cosby has admitted to getting drugs to give to women before seducing them, I was intrigued to read this interview that Oprah Winfrey did with her back in 2000 (italics mine): [Read more...]