Striking Passage in “Gone Girl” that Depicts Modern Life and Inauthenticity


Lately, I’ve been noticing some amazing descriptions of spirituality and modern life in pop culture.  (My most recent was Aaron Paul’s character as Jessie Pinkman in his presentation of exactly half of the gospel on Breaking Bad.) [Read more...]

Aaron Paul on NPR: How My Baptist Preacher Father Responded to my Crystal Meth-Dealing Breaking Bad Character


If you didn’t watch AMC’s “Breaking Bad” when it aired, you have a lot of fun in your future.  (Seriously.  Why are you at work, when you could be starting this series?) [Read more...]

The Gospel According to Jessie Pinkman: Gut-Wrenching Breaking Bad Scene

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AMC’s Breaking Bad was a hit series starring Bryan Cranston (chemistry teacher Walter White) and Aaron Paul (Jessie Pinkman) as hapless crystal meth makers trying to make some money in the dark underworld of the drug industry.

Sound edifying yet? [Read more...]

Living Without Sex: How Christian Singleness Doesn’t Mean Ignoring the Hunger for Sex

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When my husband David joined the Army and was deployed to Iraq, there were certain… implications.  For one year, I would be without someone to change the lightbulbs, help with the carpool line, or talk to me at dinner about anything beyond the ups and downs of elementary school life.

Oh, and it also meant no sex. [Read more...]

Dear Brittany: Why We Don’t Have To Be So Afraid of Dying & Suffering that We Choose Suicide

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It’s all over the news. [Read more...]