VIDEO: Woman Knocks Out Man With Single Punch After He Pinches Her Butt

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Dear would be sexual harassers — take note: [Read more…]

COUNTDOWN: Top Ten Posts of the Year

Friends, thank you so much for reading my blog posts this year!  I thought it would be fun to see what drew the most traffic…  Here are the top ten posts from 2015, as well as a couple that kept getting traction from previous years.  (Yes, There is Evidence That God Exists was written by David in 2013 and still shows up in our “best of the year” lists.)

Drumroll, please….  Here’s the top ten list: [Read more…]

Star Wars is Fun Again


Some things — like New Coke — should never have happened.  My husband David French puts the plodding Star Wars prequels into that category.  However, he unabashedly loves the Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  Here’s what he wrote on National Review about the movie he encourages people to see. [Read more…]

SHOCK VIDEO: Yale Students Eagerly Sign Petition to Repeal 1st Amendment

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Well, this is interesting (especially after this other student absolutely freaked out over Halloween costumes at Yale): [Read more…]

Leftist Writer Sneers at New Benghazi Movie, Giving Conservatives Hope that It’ll be Awesome

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Like most people, I’m looking forward to the day when the truth about Benghazi comes out. [Read more…]