Dear Republicans who support Trump because he’ll “do the right thing on judges”

As you have undoubtedly heard, Trump said American-born Judge Gonzalo Curiel shouldn’t preside over his Trump University fraud case, because of his “Mexican heritage.” Even Paul Ryan, who endorsed Trump, said Trump’s statement was a “textbook definition of a racist comment.” [Read more…]

Thanks for the marriage counseling, Politico


“I want to join the Army.” [Read more…]

Leonardo DiCaprio flies 8,000 miles for the good of the environment

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 11.03.33 AM

What’s good for you isn’t necessarily what’s good for Leonardo DiCaprio. [Read more…]

Transgender teacher wins $60,000 from district because co-workers called her by the wrong pronoun


School districts across the country are caving to the ridiculous demands of the transgender agenda and it’s starting to get expensive. [Read more…]

Katie Couric admitted to deceptively editing anti-gun film: she should be fired

Even though veteran journalist Katie Couric has been publicly exposed for deceptively editing footage of her interview with a pro-gun group to make them appear unintelligent, she remains unrepentant and proud of her work. Perhaps it’s time she lose her job from Yahoo! News. [Read more…]