Leonardo DiCaprio flies 8,000 miles for the good of the environment

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What’s good for you isn’t necessarily what’s good for Leonardo DiCaprio. [Read more…]

Transgender teacher wins $60,000 from district because co-workers called her by the wrong pronoun


School districts across the country are caving to the ridiculous demands of the transgender agenda and it’s starting to get expensive. [Read more…]

Katie Couric admitted to deceptively editing anti-gun film: she should be fired

Even though veteran journalist Katie Couric has been publicly exposed for deceptively editing footage of her interview with a pro-gun group to make them appear unintelligent, she remains unrepentant and proud of her work. Perhaps it’s time she lose her job from Yahoo! News. [Read more…]

Dear University Of Tennessee Sex Week, See Ya Later!

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Workshops taught by porn stars and someone who describes themselves as a “queer diesel femme”? Explorations of doing the deeds you’ve heard about before and how to appreciate every “crevice and protrusion” of your body? Demands that you use made-up gender pronouns? [Read more…]

High schoolers defy atheists’ demand to remove the Lord’s Prayer from commencement by doing THIS

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These high school students from Ohio really can restore your faith in our nation’s next generation. When the atheists at the Freedom From Religion Foundation did what they always do – send legally dubious threat letters to school districts pretending that the Constitution prohibits what is actually very constitutional behavior- the administration at East Liverpool High School backed down.

The seven decades-long practice of East Liverpool High School’s choir singing the Lord’s Prayer at graduation was going to come to an end because the school district didn’t want to fight a legal battle.

This is how the FFRF wins – they lie, they intimidate, and they get people to back down.

But even though the school board backed down, the students did not.

A local news affiliate has more:

It’s a 70-year-old tradition at East Liverpool High School — singing the Lord’s Prayer at graduation.

This year, the school was forced to remove the song from its program, WTOV reports, but the graduating class refused to say goodbye to the tradition.

WTOV reports that Wisconsin-based Freedom from Religion Foundation told school administrators they should stop the choir from singing the Lord’s Prayer at graduation ceremonies.

The school removed the song rather than go to court and spend money.

But in reaction, this year’s valedictorian took to the stage and led the class in a recitation of the Lord’s Prayer during the ceremony.

They ended to applause and a standing ovation.


Keep fighting the good fight, kids!

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