One of the many reasons I love Sarah Palin? She doesn’t take herself too seriously. Read more

This is amazing. Someone took speeches from Donald Trump and dubbed them into various Star Wars movies…. as Darth Vader. The video — “made with 100% all natural Trump sound bites” — is just fun. (And it gets better as it goes on.) Read more

Way to go, Lady! Read more

Top Ten Posts of the Year Read more

Some things — like New Coke — should never have happened. My husband David French puts the plodding Star Wars prequels into that category. Read more

In under one hour, the petitioner collected FIFTY signatures of people who wanted to repeal the 1st Amendment. Read more

Too bad we don’t have a way to keep tabs on the government, to call them out for their lies and hypocrisy… a class of people dedicated to truth and justice. Wait, something is ringing a bell. Didn’t we have those once? I think they were called “journalists?” Read more

A military wife reflects on the term “dependents.” Read more

Soldiers have stories to tell. Read more

Imagine for one millisecond the outcries of hatred and racism that would happen if this were a piñata of the President of the United States. Read more

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