VIDEO: Man enters church with rifle and clip – but check out his response when the pastor asked to pray with him!

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Well, this is a reason to give thanks to God.  A man walked into “Heal The Land Outreach Ministries” in North Carolina with a rifle in one hand (pointing up) and an ammo clip in the other.  The pastor took swift action, but the scene was dramatic: [Read more…]

Militant feminist apologizes to Christians – after a shocking revelation about her own abortion


A leading member of the Brazil feminist movement shocked both pro-life and pro-choice supporters around the world with one three-minute long video which included something quite shocking… an apology.  [Read more…]

Bernie Sanders recants his 1972 article claiming women secretly desire to be raped

When Bernie Sanders was thirty years old, he wrote an article describing how women fantasize about being raped.  According to the New York Times: [Read more…]

New Yorkers can be fined $250 K for using wrong pronouns for transgenders

Bill de Blasio, the raging liberal mayor of New York City, is at it again — but this time his new legislation regarding transgender citizens infringes on constitutional rights and is flat out ridiculous.  [Read more…]

How to Rape Women and Children: A Helpful Guide by ISIS

Just when we think that the Islamic State’s tactics can’t possibly get any more depraved, they prove us all wrong.

Reports have just come out that ISIS leaders have issued a fatwa, an official religious ruling, explaining how ISIS fighters should rape their sex slaves so that they are honoring Islamic law. The Blaze explains more:

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