This week, President Obama has taken his annual vacation to Hawaii, and these are the four books he took with him. Have you read them? Read more

In a short exchange with NBC host Savannah Guthrie, Donald Trump didn’t let a single comment slide — and good for him. Read more

What is the relevance of Bill Clinton’s conduct for Hillary Clinton’s campaign? Read more

Everyone who loves Chick-fil-A is aware that the chain is never open on Sundays. (As a general rule-of-thumb, that’s exactly when your strongest Chick-fil-A craving normally hits). Read more

Long time Duggar supporter Mike Huckabee says he never defended Josh. Read more

My heart goes out to all involved in this tragedy, especially the Rice family and his community. Read more

It seems the terrorists may have targeted him because of his faith… which should surprised almost no one. Read more

Shame on you, Obama Administration, for playing politics with the lives of innocent Christians. Read more

Facts are stubborn things. Hillary Clinton and the liberal media just can’t handle those facts. Read more

So, what’s the answer? There’s no one culprit and no magic bullet. But there is a solution. (And only one.) Read more

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