Lands’ End pledges money for abortion in catalog, but does THIS after pro-lifers protest

Gloria Steinem has spent her life advocating for the far-left feminist agenda, including unfettered abortion on demand at any time in the pregnancy for any reason.  Despite her radical record, the clothing brand Lands’ End featured an interview with her in their most-recent catalog in which she promoted the (so-called) Equal Rights Amendment.  Brian Sikma wrote:

Land’s End didn’t just praise the life and legacy of Steinem, the company actually pledged to raise money for the activist’s pro-abortion group. The Fund for Women’s Equality is the 501(c)3 relative of the more politically active 501(c)4 ERA Coalition, which is lobbying for the passage of the old Equal Rights Amendment, a constitutional measure consistently backed by pro-abortion advocates.

But Lands End’s customers weren’t having it.  The Daily Caller explains: [Read more…]

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Christian Trump supporters should repent of the way they treated Mitt Romney in 2012

Two elections ago, my husband, three friends, and I created an organization called “Evangelicals for Mitt” which dealt with the “religion issue” that invariably came with promoting a Mormon candidate.  We talked about how Christians could — in good conscience — support Gov. Romney, by dissecting every imaginable theological implication. We used the Bible.  We used history.  We prayed.  We had discussions at church with people who thought we were theologically misguided for supporting Mitt over more evangelical options. [Read more…]

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My husband David and I have been pretty politically involved for many years.  If you know us personally, you have suffered through eight years of fervent Romney advocacy in which we discussed ad infinitum his various strengths.  It’s been a liberating to be a free agent during this Presidential election.  I told myself that I didn’t care as much, that I didn’t have to get involved. Not after eight years of futility.  However, this race demands people take action.   2016 is not a time for fence sitting, no matter how fatigued by politics I may be. [Read more…]