She’s at it again. The Unquestionable Hillary Clinton shut down the New Hampshire State Rep. Katherine Prudhomme-O’Brien when she attempted to ask about allegations against Bill. Read more

Yes, they were real. And it means we really really need to be careful to protect gun rights in America. Read more

The Clintons can never ever use the phrase “war on women” without America thinking of the one they waged. Read more

What if the government viciously and unjustly prosecuted a rancher family so as to drive them from their land? Then protest, including civil disobedience, would be not just understandable but moral, and maybe even necessary. Read more

Well, this is a reason to give thanks to God.  A man walked into “Heal The Land Outreach Ministries” in North Carolina with a rifle in one hand (pointing up) and an ammo clip in the other.  The pastor took swift action, but the scene was dramatic: (more…) Read more

Sara Fernanda Giromin first made herself known to Brazil and to the world under the alias “Sara Winter” in 2012, when she became the founding member of Femen Brazil, and led a trio of girls in a number of topless protests that garnered much media attention. Read more

Embed from Getty Images When Bernie Sanders was thirty years old, he wrote an article describing how women fantasize about being raped.  According to the New York Times: (more…) Read more

You have no right to be unoffended. You have a right to be offended with regularity. It is the price you pay for living in a free society. Read more

If we can’t stand up to such evil that goes so far as to write handbooks on how to “properly” rape women and children slaves, what does the United States even stand for anymore? Read more

This week, President Obama has taken his annual vacation to Hawaii, and these are the four books he took with him. Have you read them? Read more

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