Can States Give Military Voters Extra Time?

That is the question at the heart of the Obama campaign’s lawsuit in Ohio. [Read more...]

Can You Determine Romney’s VP Pick Based on Whose Wikipedia Pages are Being Updated?

I’ll go ahead and admit I’m pretty desperate to find out who Gov. Romney’s running mate will be.  [Read more...]

Be Not Afraid

This great new ad asks who you’d want as your President when religious freedom is threatened. [Read more...]

How do We Properly Consider Science and History While Interpreting Scripture?

Spurred by some thoughtful posts from Peter Enns, I’ve been spending a great deal of time thinking through issues that have vexed me from the first moments that I opened my own Bible and read it through, from cover to cover.  [Read more...]

The Incredible Shrinking Bible

In discussions with my more liberal (and often Emergent) Christian friends about contentious topics like abortion, gay marriage, and war and peace, I’ve noticed an interesting trend: They keep trying to confine the discussion to the words of Jesus alone.  They don’t like Paul (misogynist!) or the Old Testament (violent!) and instead prefer “just Jesus.”   [Read more...]

Gabby Douglas’s “Two Moms”

By now, you’ve all heard the story. [Read more...]

Does This Mean Condi Rice is NOT the VP Choice?

When Chris Christie was announced as the keynote speaker of the GOP convention, the political gossip mill immediately assumed this meant he was out of the Veepstakes. [Read more...]

Attacking Gabby Douglas’s Faith? Really?

It’s a sad commentary on modern life when I heard an exuberant 16-year-old thank God for the greatest success she might ever attain and immediately thought, “Someone’s going to attack her.” [Read more...]

An Inspirational Nike Commercial

… about “greatness.” [Read more...]

Clint Eastwood Endorses Romney, Makes His Day

…by endorsing him for President. [Read more...]