How to Rape Women and Children: A Helpful Guide by ISIS

How to Rape Women and Children: A Helpful Guide by ISIS January 1, 2016

Just when we think that the Islamic State’s tactics can’t possibly get any more depraved, they prove us all wrong.

Reports have just come out that ISIS leaders have issued a fatwa, an official religious ruling, explaining how ISIS fighters should rape their sex slaves so that they are honoring Islamic law. The Blaze explains more:

The Islamic State has allegedly issued a “fatwa” explaining how and when members can rape their female sex slaves, which is described as “one of the inevitable consequences of jihad.”

The documents were originally revealed by Reuters after U.S. special forces discovered the fatwa among a trove of documents in a Syrian raid earlier this year. […]

The fatwa on female slaves was sparked by questions regarding unspecified “violations” by Islamic State members owning sex slaves. The fatwa contains 15 explicit rulings, prohibiting forced abortions and blocking “owners” from having sex with the female slave if she is menstruating or pregnant. Several of the rulings pertain to “sharing” of a slave’s child and rape within families. […]

Islamic State militants have attempted to justify their enslavement and rape of women since the group kidnapped thousands of young Yazidi females in Iraq last year. Under the Islamic State’s guidelines, these captured women were dealt with by the organization’s department of “war spoils.”

It is unreal.  Their sick and twisted rulings seem to say that as long as they follow this set of “guidelines,” the rape of their prisoners is not only okay, but it’s an act of worship to Allah!

And through all of this, the Obama administration continues to bury their heads in the sand and refuses to acknowledge the true barbarity of ISIS.  While they admit that ISIS has committed some international crimes, Obama is purposefully leaving Christians off the list.   Even Hillary Clinton is distancing herself from Obama and is willing to call ISIS actions against Christians and other religious minorities what it truly is – genocide!

If we can’t stand up to such evil that goes so far as to write handbooks on how to “properly” rape women and children slaves, what does the United States even stand for anymore?

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