That Time the Left Compared ISIS to American College Students

That Time the Left Compared ISIS to American College Students November 17, 2015

Last week, the Left took their outrage machine to a whole new level.  Refusing to engage in any form of nuance or intelligent thinking, Ms. Magazine tweeted something that shows just how far they are willing to push their agenda.

Ms. Magazine tweeted “While ISIS endorses rape, American college administrations similarly facilitate the rape of women on campuses.”


You read that correctly.

They compared the rape, torture, and mass murder of innocent Yazidi sex slaves by the Islamic State to American college administrators.

David French at National Review responds to Ms. Magazine’s tweet:

Not only is this tweet hysterical on its face, take note of its target — liberal college administrators who are even now systematically violating the law to crack down on a fake crisis. They have stripped the burden of proof for sexual misconduct (including misconduct that would violate criminal law) down to a bare “preponderance of the evidence” standard and denied accused students the due process they’d receive even in civil — much less criminal — court. Some schools have even functionally reversed the burden of proof by imposing new “affirmative consent” standards that essentially create a presumption of guilt.

After the magazine linked to an article saying that ISIS’ treatment of their sex slaves was similar to behavior on college campus, David told a horrific account from a Yazidi refugee that explains just how ridiculous this comparison is.  He writes:

At first, she tried to prevent [her “owner” from] raping her but when the Turkmen beat her one-year-old son in front of her, she was forced to stop resisting.

’I agreed to everything that this man wanted for the sake of my son,’ she said clutching her adorable infant child a little bit tighter.

And when she questioned his beliefs, he screamed at her and said that the sexual trade in Yazidi women is permitted ‘according to Islam’ . . . After 10 months of constant abuse and cruelty, she became despondent and numb and let him rape her ‘whenever he wanted’. But she refused to commit suicide because she feared what would happen to her child.

She was later moved to the house of another ISIS fighter in Mosul, Iraq, before being sold for a third time to a Libyan man in the Islamic State’s adopted capital of Raqqa, Syria.

She lived there for around 20 days, in a house with two other Yazidi girls, one aged 22, the other only 15, before an elderly mother and her five-year-old daughter moved in too.

It was here that she saw something so sickening, it convinced her that she had to risk it all and try to flee.

He came into the home and pointed at the mother and her daughter, she recalled.

He then brought them into a room and raped the mother before molesting the daughter.

We need to have real conversations about sexual assault, ISIS sex slavery, and how to stop evil around the world. When the Left talks like this, they reveal just how unserious they truly are.

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