“If you had sex (including oral) in the last 3 months, how many times had you used a condom?” the survey asks. Read more

While Saturday Night Live sketches and Slick Willy’s schtick tempts us to think of the former President as a flirtatious statesman, the stories themselves remind us of just how dark the allegations truly were. Read more

What performance can do. Read more

If they care so much about providing birth control and other health care without causing a big fuss about taking hundreds of millions in government money, then put down the suction tubes and forceps. Read more

No, this is not a video from David’s infancy. Read more

While police have not commented on a motive, sources say that the suspect has confessed to shooting the officer “in the name of Islam.” Read more

This week was a historic week for the pro-life movement. The momentum is swinging towards protecting life. Read more

Jaden claims his fashion choices are just “expressing how he feels on the inside.” Read more

Donald Trump links Hillary and Bill to Anthony Weiner and Bill Cosby. Read more

Donald Trump’s success in making President Clinton’s former abuse and rape accusers a part of the national conversation again is a sight to behold. Read more

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