If You Think The Republican Primary is Chaotic, You Should See the Democrats!

Are you a disheartened conservative Republican frustrated because it feels like we can’t decide on who should take on Hillary Clinton? Read more

“Duck Dynasty” Stars Alan and Lisa Robertson Lead Pro-Life Rally Against Abortion

Lisa Robertson specifically knows the pain and regret of abortion. When she was 16, before she married into the Robertson family, she had an abortion. Now she’s doing this. Read more

Campaign Worker for Ben Carson Is Killed in Car Accident

We will be praying for Braden’s family and the entire Carson team as they grieve this great loss. Read more

An Atheist Challenges Marco Rubio about his Faith – Watch Rubio’s Authentic, Emotional, Respectful Response!

With all of the horrible, acrid politics going on these days, here is a breath of fresh air. Read more

Victims Mother Screams “Hillary is a Liar!” After Watching 13 Hours

The heart-broken mother of Sean Smith, one of the State Department employees killed in the Benghazi attack, left the movie premiere of the ’13 Hours’ in a rage. Read more

Before you see 13 Hours, watch these 30 seconds

Clinton is betting on the fact that America will not hold her accountable, but a new movie coming out tonight promises to change all of that. Read more

Donald Trump Obliterates Ted Cruz’s “New York Values” Slam

Donald Trump obliterated Cruz’s argument so effectively that even Cruz applauded his answer. Read more

President Obama, Americans Aren’t Afraid — They’re Angry

Anger can be a virtue. Read more

Hillary Declines to Answer Questions about Women in Sex Abuse Scandals

For once, Mrs. Clinton had the wisdom to not speak out. Read more

PBS: Ted Cruz and His Father Are ‘Satanic’

Way to elevate the political discourse, PBS. Read more

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