Candace Cameron Bure: I Used God’s Forgiveness as a License to Sin


You might recognize from Full House, or more recently, Dancing with the Stars. In this five-minute video, she talks about her relationship with God and how it has changed her life.  [Read more...]

Mitt Romney Vs. Evander Holyfield

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One of the weirder sentences I’ll ever write:  Mitt Romney is going to fight Evander Holyfield: [Read more...]

Obama’s Crackdown on Dissent Has Made Conservatives a Little Paranoid — and Rightly So

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The year is 2023, and President Ted Cruz is ending the second of his contentious terms in the Oval Office. While his policies have been controversial — for example, undoing major social legislation (Obamacare) without a single Democratic vote — his administration’s continual expressions of hostility toward dissent have finally proved intolerable to millions of Americans. [Read more...]

David French on Sean Hannity’s Show Talking ISIS

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David French was on Sean Hannity’s show on Fox Friday night to discuss the ISIS attack in Texas.  Pamela Geller is on first, so if you’d like to know the context of David’s interview, watch hers.  If you just want to see David, he shows up at about 6:30. [Read more...]

Pamela Geller’s Critics Are Proving Her Point

Let’s be clear: The great freak-out over Pamela Geller’s “draw Muhammad” contest isn’t about love for Islam or for robust and respectful religious pluralism. Indeed, many of those expressing anguish over blasphemy against Islam show no such concern over even the most vile attacks on the Christian faith. Beyond that, they’re among the leaders in movements designed to banish religious liberty — including Muslim religious liberty — to the margins of American life. [Read more...]