Nancy Reagan died today, at 94 years old

Sad news today for the Reagan family and for our nation: [Read more…]

The REAL reason Christians were so disappointed that Bachelor Ben Higgins said yes to the fantasy suites


I admit it, I do it too. [Read more…]

Lands’ End pledges money for abortion in catalog, but does THIS after pro-lifers protest

Gloria Steinem has spent her life advocating for the far-left feminist agenda, including unfettered abortion on demand at any time in the pregnancy for any reason.  Despite her radical record, the clothing brand Lands’ End featured an interview with her in their most-recent catalog in which she promoted the (so-called) Equal Rights Amendment.  Brian Sikma wrote:

Land’s End didn’t just praise the life and legacy of Steinem, the company actually pledged to raise money for the activist’s pro-abortion group. The Fund for Women’s Equality is the 501(c)3 relative of the more politically active 501(c)4 ERA Coalition, which is lobbying for the passage of the old Equal Rights Amendment, a constitutional measure consistently backed by pro-abortion advocates.

But Lands End’s customers weren’t having it.  The Daily Caller explains: [Read more…]

FULL VIDEO: Romney Challenges America to Dump Trump

Things got more interesting today, as former GOP nominee Mitt Romney challenged the current frontrunner. [Read more…]

Donald Trump is everything Newt Gingrich tried to be: Why “Gingrich 2.0” won’t make America great again


The emergence of Mitt Romney today into the 2016 political arena has caused me to think more about what we lost in 2008 and 2012.  (Perhaps we are only now beginning to grasp how much was at stake.) I’m reminded of what David French wrote about Newt back in 2001: [Read more…]