Dallas police chief tells young black men to do this instead of protesting – and America loves him for it

Dallas Police Chief David Brown has had a difficult time since losing five of his officers in the shootings during a Black Lives Matter protest in the city. But through it all, his leadership in the face of these trials has been an inspiration to us all. [Read more…]

Inmates risk lives to save the life of their prison guard (and now are called heroes)

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 6.11.18 PM

A group of inmates are being hailed as heroes after breaking open the door of their holding cell in a Texas county jail. [Read more…]

How the new “It’s Ramadan, Curious George” book does NOT honor the character’s Jewish creators

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Young readers can learn about the 30 days of the Islamic month of Ramadan in 14 pages of a new book called “It’s Ramadan, Curious George.” [Read more…]

Good guy with a gun stops mass shooting at a nightclub, and you didn’t hear about it

Man practicing shooting with a handgun at the shooting range

Almost two weeks to the day after the horrific Islamic terror attack at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, another man began shooting into a crowd gathered at a nightclub in South Carolina. But instead of piling up multiple gun shot victims, a man with a concealed carry license was able to stop the shooter before he claimed any lives. [Read more…]

Hillary Clinton vs. James Comey: Email Scandal Supercut

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I don’t even know what to say about the press conference this morning, except that this Reason magazine “super cut” of the highlights would be amusing if justice hadn’t been ignored. [Read more…]