PBS: Ted Cruz and His Father Are ‘Satanic’

PBS: Ted Cruz and His Father Are ‘Satanic’ January 13, 2016

Did you see the headlines on all the liberal mainstream cable news networks and websites about Fox News using “dark” and “satanic” to describe Hillary Clinton?

That might be because Fox News didn’t say anything like that. Instead, it was PBS pundits talking about Ted Cruz… and his father, who isn’t even running for President.

National Review reports:

New York Times columnist David Brooks said Sen. Ted Cruz’s “dark and satanic tones” are now being copied elsewhere in the Republican primary. Appearing on PBS’s Newshour this weekend, Brooks said, “Cruz is somehow beginning to get some momentum from Iowa and elsewhere. And so people are either mimicking him, which Rubio is doing a little by adopting some of the dark and satanic tones that Cruz has, and so –”

At which point host Judy Woodruff quickly interjected, “What did you just say?”

“If you watch a Cruz speech, it’s like, we have got this enemy, we have got that enemy, we’re going to stomp on this person, we’re going to crush that person, we’re going to destroy that person,” Brooks explained. “It is an ugly world in Ted Cruz’s world, and it’s combative, and it’s angry, and it’s apocalyptic.”

One of the co-panelists went on to say that Cruz’s father had a similar “satanic” tone.

This shouldn’t really surprise us I suppose. It was just a few weeks ago when a political cartoonist drew Ted Cruz’s young daughters as monkeys on leashes. And now, PBS panelists are using words like “satanic” to describe not only the candidate surging in primary polls, but also his father who isn’t running for any office.

Liberals and the media think family should be off limits, when it’s dealing with the Left. But for conservatives on the right, different rules apply.  It shouldn’t matter who the candidate is, what political party is involved, or what the polls say.

Way to elevate the political discourse, PBS.

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