Vocations, Facebook, and the BBC

Vocations, Facebook, and the BBC September 4, 2012

“Catholic Church attracts future priests using Facebook”

That’s the headline from the BBC.

It comes with a great video.

The Diocese of Charleston in the US state of South Carolina has implemented a comprehensive social media strategy in the hope of attracting young people to the seminary, primarily targeting users of Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.

Led by Rev Jeffrey Kirby, vicar of vocations for the diocese, the aim of the plan is to encourage individuals to join the priesthood by using social media websites and mobile apps to explain what life is like for members of the clergy.

“In light of recent history of the Catholic Church in the United States with scandals, social media allows the church in a unique way to be completely transparent,” Mr [sic] Kirby said.

The Diocese of Charleston, SC is using Social Media in all sorts of exciting ways to encourage vocations.

Bravo Charleston Vocations!

Head on over and watch the great video. Finally We’re getting it right!

My own diocese of Rockville Centre has an exciting website as well. Go check it out at www.Longislandpriest.com

DRVC’s vocations Facebook page can be found here.

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