Hey Advent – hurry up and get here already.

If we’re all honest I think we would each admit that these last days of Ordinary Time are getting old.  On Twitter, Bishop Coyne this morning pointed this out from the perspective of us preachers.

We’ve been preaching on apocalyptic themes from our lectionary for the last few days.  To be honest, it’s quite difficult thinking up something new to say each morning at Mass.  Not to mention, it can be a bit depressing hearing about the end of the world all the time!  The Chaos of the end of the world finally gives way to the peace that comes from the coming of the Lord.   In a sense, the chaos of the end of Ordinary Time gives way to the glorious season of preparation and peace.

Honestly, I think we’re all chomping at the bit a little waiting for Advent to finally arrive – at least I know I am!  Isn’t it ironic – waiting for a season that is all about waiting!  While Advent may be about waiting, there is nothing passive about it!  Let’s commit ourselves to actively preparing ourselves for the coming of the Prince of Peace.  These last days of Ordinary Time afford us a chance to enter into the season of Advent with a ready heart – a time to pull back on the all consuming holiday cheer and to make our hearts and homes ready for the Christ Child.

If the decorations are a sign then most people have skipped right over and went right to Christmas!  Lets slow down and allow the Church’s liturgical calendar to direct our prayer and help us to prepare the way!

I have to admit that Advent is probably my most favorite liturgical season.  The music and the spirit of it speaks to me, it speaks to our souls.  As I write this I’m listening to Handel’s Messiah – one of my Advent [and pre-Advent] traditions!  We constantly year for something, we constantly yearn, year round for someone.    In Advent we recognize that and we actively prepare our selves for the coming of the King.

Have a listen… and prepare ye the way of the Lord!

This great video by Bustedhalo sums up Advent in 2 minutes.  It’s entertaining and well done!

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