A New Priest welcomes a New Pope





















Stunned.  Thats really the only way i can describe the last few hours.  As soon as I saw the White Smoke the Pastor and I ran – Literally RAN to the church and rang the bells.  They peeled for over an hour, until after Francis appeared.  There is just so much to absorb.  That it was THIS man, that he chose THIS name, that he asked for the people to pray the Lord to bless him.  Remarkable.  So many firsts.  We give thanks to almighty God because he has given us a Pope.  A holy Pope.

This morning I said the 9am Mass.  I said the Mass “For the Pope”.





















I wore Gold Vestments, my first Mass vestments, and we said the gloria in thanksgiving to God for this wondeerful Gift.  The opening prayer was so beautiful I got choked up as i said Pope Francis’ name for the first time.

Just so that I wouldn’t make a mistake during the Eucharistic prayer take a look at what I did :




















What a wonderful few days.  Just this past saturday I spoke about the Blessed Mother at the Diocesan Men’s Conference. I ended that talk by said, “brothers, go to Mary.”  Today our Holy Father went to the Blessed Mother under the title of Salus Populi Romani at the Basilica of St. Mary Major.  He leads us by example.  He went to Mary.  So too should we in these exciting days.  Lets go to mary and bring our Holy Father Pope Francis along with us!

After he prayer before the Icon of the Blessed Mother Pope Francis spoke to the Franciscan Confessors stationed to that Church.  On his Blog, John Thavis tells us he said “be merciful, the souls of the faithful need your mercy.”  How beautiful.  Our Holy Father encourages us priest confessors to be kind, and merciful in the confessional.  I’m always telling people that I give easy penances in the confessional, that way they come back!  Rhat way we can be reminded that the Lord doesn’t forgive us because of the number of prayers we say, but because we are sorry and we ask for his forgiveness.  No one should ever fear confession.  Our new Holy Father shows us that today!

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  • http://Optimum Virginia

    I, too, was very moved by the fact that, before blessing the crowds, he asked the crowds to pray for him. And he paid his hotel bill! He lives a very simple, frugal life. ( Reminder of the movie ” The Shoes of the Fisherman”? ) I think he is going to be a great Pope. And, although he was born in Argentina, he is of Italian ancestry! YAY!!!

  • Kristi

    God is good. I listened to the new pope in my car…. (rushing to get home to see his face), Only words I understood he was saying was Ava Maria, gave me chills.

  • Mike

    I haven’t been to confession in 2 year. I am trying to gather up the strength to go and confess my sins. I have a couple of doozies that I fear to say out loud. But I know that they are stains on my soul that have to be reconciled with God. I know that with a certainty that is difficult to describe. I am working on getting to it. The last time I went I felt like God had put his arms around me like a father and held me close to his heart, telling me he loves me. I felt great afterwards. I am hoping that this moment will finally inspire me enough to just go.

    • Fr. Michael F. Duffy

      Praised be Jesus Christ! Go! Know the Lord loves you!!!

    • Nancy

      Dear Mike- Our Lord is kneeling down with His arms open for you right now and at all times! Run, run, run to Him! So many times in the Gospel He says, Be not afraid. We all know the fear of standing outside the confessional waiting to go in and say something atrocious. The joy afterwards dwarfs the fear before. Go, my brother! You are in my prayers- mention me in yours. God bless you–

      • Fr. Michael F. Duffy

        Keep those prayers coming! God Bless you for your kindness.

    • Jerry Catalanotto

      Fr. Mike – can I interject a little layman’s perspective – especially from a sinner who has had a few doozies himself? We always used to teach, in our Faith Formation classes, not to fear the confessional in any way. While you are seeing yourself perhaps at your worst, your confessor sees you at your best, because you have realized something was out of place in your relationship with God, and you are trying to fix it. Peace…

      • Fr. Michael F. Duffy

        awesome insight! thanks :)

    • john

      Go Mike go!Not bragging..but I have lived a very sordid life..very bad..I was even once in an anti-God punk rock band..byt thats even nothing compared to the things I’ve done..if anything..I pray you’ll have a good confessor..I’ve found too many that themselves don’t take it so seriously and even make it seem like confessing is a waste of time..I pray you’ll have a confessor who cares and takes the time to listen..not rush you through it..say 3 Hail Marys and push you out the door.As it is said..Be not afraid.As a matter of fact..I’m leaving work half day today to get there myself..as I still have some serious sin to contend with.God Bless you.

    • Will D.

      Mike, I didn’t go to confession for 15 years. Since coming back to the Church, I always pray for people in your situation when I do my penance after a confession, because I was in the same predicament. I ask the Lord to give people who want to confess, but can’t quite bring themselves to do it, the courage and the clarity of conscience to make a good confession.

      Ask Our Lady, St. John Vianney and your favorite/patron saint to pray for you to make a good confession. And then go. May God bless and keep you.

  • Maggie Goff

    Father, you enthusiasm is a great JOY to behold. The more that I find out about him the more grateful to God I am. Thank you for this post, and thank you for answering God’s call to you in the affirmative. God bless you.

  • Therese

    He gets it! Pope Francis began not by speaking to the world but by building a fatherly relationship with his diocese. Only as his own diocese feels secure can he reach out and lead the other bishops and the world. So he spoke directly to them as his own, helping them acknowledge their love for Benedict by praying together for him. Then he described how their relationship was going to be: Bishop to people. And actually guided them into that relationship by directing them to be silent and each pray for the other. At the end Francis practically tucked his children into bed as he told them tenderly, he had to leave them now but they would see
    each other again soon; That tomorrow, he hoped to visit their mother so she could pray for them; and that
    they should get some rest. I think we all felt secure as we witnessed the beginning of his relationship with his diocese.

  • Yae

    New to your blog, Fr. Duffy and glad for it. I liked what you had to say about Papa Francis, your words made me smile. I speak fluent Spanish so when I hear Papa Francis’s voice I have to smile since he seems to speak his Italian with a Spanish/Argentino accent which is very endearing to me. I have two brothers who have not been to Mass in years and yet, there they were watching with my mother and I as Papa Francis made his way to the balcony. I am praying many will come back to the faith.