Unexpectedly shaven for St. Baldrick’s

I went to show my support and say a prayer and offer a blessing.

Then things got crazy.  The organizers of the local St. Baldrick’s event wanted to know if I would have my head shaved.  Absolutely not I said.  Then, they asked, what if they raised $1,000 cash.  With a bar full of people looking on, how could I say now.  I wasn’t really sure they could do it.  In FIFTEEN minutes they had the cash on hand, and the rest is history.

I’m happy to have been a part of such a good event.

Now, what would have been spent combing my hair can be spent in prayer!  A perfect lenten disciple.


Not happy!

A priestly Mohawk!

Almost done!

Freshly shaven with the organizers. Thanks to them for their hard work and dedication!

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