Who are the Gods? Starting from the beginning, and building off of previous works. The IE tribes stemmed from the Yamnaya culture. In our anthropological reconstructions, reaching back to just seconds before the big bang of the IE language explosion, we can barely see practice in the vocabulary of the PIE reconstructions. TLDR: Linguistics and archeology tells us what the original Paganism was like. Paul Theme says “”The oldest religious rites of Indo-European peoples do not presuppose temples or idols. Nor… Read more

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year Some people ascribe this saying to Yule time. I can still remember Andy Williams crooning this tune over and over again on the radio and now across the airwaves and decades. While I won’t argue that the song was written with December in mind, for me it is all about Imbolc. And what comes next. Saint Blaise I remember going to church in early February as a child. It was an odd experience for me:… Read more

Each of these are written by me using the principles I’ve learned from years of looking at spells in remaining Indo-European folk magic traditions and sources. 1. Please your House Spirits. Straighten up, sweep up, and clean up. Start by the suffumigation of the area with Juniper sprigs. Pour a wine offering in the wildest part on your property. Walk 3 sunwise circles about your home and enter. Place buttered bread on the window sill outside chanting the charm three times…. Read more

Imbolc, pronounced IM-olg or IM-olk, evolved into St. Brighid’s day, and is considered the first day of spring. St Brighid’s feast is a February 1st continuation of Imbolc pagan traditions. It is one of the four fire festivals celebrated by the ancient Celts. It probably occurred on what we consider Feb 11th, due to the shift to the gregorian calendar. But the Fire festivals are celebrated always on the kalends of the month sharing the same Irish name as the… Read more

I believe most everyone wants to be a hero in their heart but struggle with social consequences. A hero is one who discards those willingly, to do right. Read more

There are many kinds of Druids, and we come from different places and we approach our Druidry in many different, varied, and beautiful ways. I have come to understand one thing that they have in common: a profound love for Nature and the Earth. Read more

Noble Spirits, Honored Dead, Shining Gods, we call to you as our Kin, meet us at the boundary! Read more

At Winter solstice, the universal theme is the increase and acceleration toward darkness and the loss of light. The gods of light and warmth, or a god of samos energy are slain, killed, or retreats. Read more

Wherever Indo-European paganism was carried, this ideology was carried. When everything else change, this didn’t. That means it is the most important underlying ideology. Read more

How to Read This This is an instruction. This is something you say. What you’ll need Cauldron, Quaich or cup filled with drink 1 offering and a way to make it (fire, bowl, etc) 1 candle 1 bowl or cauldron of water 1 coin Opening Prayer His harp, Four-Angled Music: it guides me, His club, Lorg Mór, protects me, His cauldron, it fulfills me, as I pray and offer to Him. May my devotion be done in Duty and Truth. Bíodh sé… Read more

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