7 Quick-Takes Friday

** 1 **  I have been so.tired. Last night I went to bed at 9:30 and I got up this morning at 9:30. But before I dragged my butt up to bed at 9:30, I was comatose on the couch for about an hour.

Even as I type this, I’m on the couch, surveying all the boxes that still need to be unpacked. I WILL be productive today!

** 2 ** Tonight Atticus and I are having a date night! I’m really excited because I’ve convinced him that what he would love to do is go see Letters to Juliet with me.


Anyone else going to drag their poor husband to see it?? (I’m just kidding about dragging Atticus to the movie — he usually likes romantic comedies if they aren’t too cheesy).

** 3 **

The series finale of LOST is this Sunday starting at 7pm. I am so excited, but also really sad. Because when LOST ends, we won’t really have a show that we watch every week, and even if we find another one, I don’t think it’ll hold a candle to LOST.


We had been watching the West Wing from Netflix, so maybe we’ll go back to that. But it’s also fun to have a show that’s on the same time every week and you can really watch the story unfold.

I’m going to miss you, LOST.

** 4 **

Sirius farts. A lot. It’s really pretty gross. Basically anytime he jumps up, he lets a little toot out. This has led to me calling him, affectionately I assure you, Stinky-Pants.

** 5 **

An update on the Dress Dare Challenge: I decided to start on Monday, May 24 and go to June 24th.

Basic rules: Only skirts or dresses for 30 days. Leggings or tights are ok. Pants can be worn for sleeping or working out.

Let me know if you’re interested in participating, it’s going to be a fun challenge, as well as a way to think more about femininity. ALSO, it might be a good excuse to go thrift shopping for a few new skirts! 😉

** 6 **

Next weekend we are going to Brown County State Park to hang out with Atticus’ clan for the Memorial Day Weekend.


It should be fun to get to see one of the hilly (-ish) parts of Indiana, and to also have some time to hang out with the family. I know there’s a fair bit of hiking on the agenda; I hope I’ll have enough energy to go on at least a few of the hikes!

** 7 **

I don’t really have anything else to add, so I hope everyone has a wonderful, blessed weekend!

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  • http://matchingmoonheads.wordpress.com alison

    Ok so you’re such a Lost fan I have to tell you something. One of my sister’s bridesmaids was an extra in Lost a few weeks ago! I don’t have time to watch the show now (but I have them all on my Netflix que so I do plan to watch one day), but I went online to watch the episode just to see her. She lives in Hawaii so I guess that’s how she got on there. She even had a speaking part!

    Anyway, I thought that was pretty cool and maybe you would appreciate :)

  • http://musingsofacatholiclady.blogspot.com Michelle

    I’ll miss LOST, too. It’s one of those series that I feel like I want to buy it on DVD. Maybe someday. :)

    I’ll probably see Letters to Juliet…by Netflix, but it does look so good!

  • http://Songofasunflower.blogspot.com Katie

    Ha…I really WANT to read a follow up post to your Letters to Juliet excursion. I’ve seen the movie…not going to give it away… :-) Have a good weekend.

  • http://www.eafromtheheart.blogspot.com Maggie

    We call Chandler Stinky-Butt. I guess I should get used to farts and poops!

    I just knew one of your 7 Quick Takes would be about LOST. I need to write mine, and the only thing I can really think of is writing about LOST!

  • http://thatmarriedcouple.blogspot.com/ That Married Couple

    1. I say nap – the unpacking can wait! This from a confessed lazy bum who has spent the entire day on the internet, when the condo she moved into over a month ago is still not completely unpacked.

    2. Fun! I’m working on my own hubby. We even have coupons, so it’s not like he can say he doesn’t want to waste the money…

    4. How’s his breath? Cricket farts too, but it’s more often her breath that gets me.

    5. Oh oh oh! Okay, I’m 90% sure I’ll be in, but I am gonna check with the husband first. I don’t really know why, though – he’ll think it’s a great idea! Will you do like weekly updates or anything?

  • http://catholicmutt.blogspot.com CM

    Let me know how Letters to Juliet is. I think I’d like to catch it sometime if I can find someone to go with me.

  • http://nowealthbutlife.com Rae

    So hoping that this is a “good” tired. :-) I vote for making yourself move at least part of the time that you are “up” but allowing yourself to go to bed whenever you feel the need.

    You’re not really making me want a dog (not that I wanted to want one).

    Have fun with the dress dare! I think that you should post pictures of what you wear each day. Maybe a weekly roundup of what you wore that week?