Here’s To You, LOST

In honor of the FINAL episode EVER of LOST, here are some of my favorite moments from the past six seasons.


Jack’s “Live Together, Die Alone” speech (Season 1)


Charlie’s “Greatest Hits” (Season 3)


Charlie’s death (Season 3)


Desmond’s Constant  (Season 4)


Back to the Island (Season 5)


Dr. Linus (Season 6)


Reunited and it feels so good (Sun and Jin style – Season 6)

I’ll miss you, LOST.

  • CM

    I can’t believe it ends tonight! I was panicked earlier because I wasn’t picking up a signal, but then I realized that the cable wasn’t plugged in. Luckily I realized the problem BEFORE the show started!!

  • Maggie

    *Sniffle…. sniffle……*

  • Michelle

    The story of Sun and Jin….of Charlie and of Jack…all three some of the best stuff I’ve seen on TV ever. I loved LOST and I loved the way it ended. No disappointment here!

  • Kathleen

    Charlie was always my favorite. But the whole series is breathtaking. The stories of sin and redemption…just fabulous. This is the first series that I will buy on DVD. I don’t know when b/c we’re very cheap in this house :) but I will have it someday.