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I was reading my usual blogs this morning, and I came across a post from Jen at Conversion Diary about her 3rd labor, and how she came to understand the concept of “offering it up” just a little bit better through her very hard labor. You can read it here.

Seeing how my own experience of powerful physical suffering is impending (just about 7 weeks from now) I am so fascinated by this post. I’d like to say I’ve given a lot of thought to how to offer up labor suffering for certain intentions, but I haven’t.

I think now I will try.


If you’ve been through labor, or another intense experience of physical (or mental) suffering, did you “offer it up”? Was this hard to do?

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  • I keep meaning to research this. Then again, maybe I should pray about it and then think it over!

  • Emily

    Yes! I tried this with Elaina and had the most wonderful labor experience. I didn’t really pray for specific people but I dd offer my suffering to Jesus. The response I received was a great strength and feeling of peace. I felt so loved and calm. I am not normally a calm person! It was amazing! When Marinn was born I was so anxious that I ended up getting an epidural early on. Obviously, both experiences resulted in beautiful, healthy children, but the feelings of mental strength and peace I had during and after Elaina’s birth were a true blessing!

  • Elizabeth

    Thanks for sharing that link! What an amazing way to take up your “cross” and follow Him!