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7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 120)

So I watch a lot of TV. I watched some before Maggie was born, and then, since she was born in the dead of winter, I watched A LOT during the first two months of her life. You might be wondering what this has to do with quick takes, so let me end your suspense and tell you what: today’s quick takes is composed of the 7 best TV shows of all time, in my humble opinion.

*** 7 ***

Veronica Mars

I actually found this show accidentally. I was looking for something to watch on Netflix, since I finished all six seasons of Desperate Housewives in about four weeks (I told you!). Netflix suggested I might like Veronica Mars. So I decided to check her out.

This show is so entertaining. Veronica Mars is a bad-ass high school student who is out to solve the mystery of who murdered her best friend. She’s like Nancy Drew, only about 1000% times cooler. I wanted to be Veronica Mars in high school. The only thing that really bums me out about this show is that there are only 3 seasons, and it was obviously canceled after they made the season three finale, because the show has no closure at all. It just. ends. Sad.

*** 6 ***


I have liked Jeopardy since I was a baby. No lie. Apparently when I was 1, I loved the theme song for jeopardy, and I would toddle into the living room every night when it came on. Yeah, my parents knew they were in for trouble then.

I am about the least competitive person alive, but I will kick your butt at jeopardy. No, I will. Someday I’m going to go on the show and win a boatload of money for the family.

*** 5 ***

Gilmore Girls

Oh man. This is the only show that I own every season of. I actually bought it twice. I slowly compiled the whole series in Chicago, and then when our apartment got broken into, they stole them all. Of course, my life was incomplete without the Lorelai’s witty verbal reparte, so I had to replace it.

What can I say? I have a thing for shows about smart, sassy girls who kick butt. Also, the pop culture references in this show make my inner nerd feel all warm and fuzzy.

*** 4 ***

The Wonder Years

Does anyone else remember this show? I was obsessed with it in sixth grade. My best friend at the time, MJ, and I used to watch it together all the time. It’s the story of Kevin Arnold (the middle kid) and his family and friends in the late 60’s. It’s such a great family drama and coming of age story. It’s narrated by an adult Kevin remembering his life during his teen years.

The real bummer is that it doesn’t seem to be available anywhere to watch. You can’t even buy it on dvd. I don’t know what the deal is, but it’s a shame.

*** 3 ***

The West Wing

1. I love Martin Sheen. (Poor man has the craziest son alive.)

2. I wish Jed Bartlett could have been president for real.

3. This is the one of only two TV shows I’ve watched, where I have never felt the time watching the show was wasted. I learned a lot, and I thought even more. Every episode has something to think about. So good.

*** 2 ***


I have watched a lot of TV. LOST is, hands down, my favorite television show ever. No episode of this show was wasted (except maybe that one about Nikki and Paulo?). If you’ve never watched it, please give it a try.

And with that said,

*** 1 ***

LOST is numbers 2 and 1, because its that good.

If you don’t believe me, you can read my posts about LOST here, and here. Go on, read them! Then go watch the best TV show ever.

What are your favorite TV shows?

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  • http://www.eafromtheheart.blogspot.com Maggie

    As a fellow TV fan, I LOVE this post! If I have time today I might have to do a post like this as well!

    I’ve never seen Veronica Mars, but I’ve heard a lot of people like it. However, I do not like movies or tv shows that just end with no closure- it infuriates me! So I don’t know if I’d like this show or not….

    I never was a huge Jeopardy fan, but Wheel of Fortune… oh my goodness. My mom has pictures of me in my high chair watching it. I’m convinced that’s how I learned my ABC’s!

    I watched the Wonder Years when I was younger too! Great show! Maybe sometime soon they will have it out on DVD… it seems like every other show ever made in the history of mankind is out on DVD!

    When I saw you had LOST as #2, I thought, “Hmm… there must be a really kick ass show that is #1 because LOST is pretty much the best show ever.” I laughed when I saw you had it as #1 too!

  • http://michelle-endlessstrength.blogspot.com Michelle

    Agree about LOST. Never watched Gilmore Girls or West Wing. LOVED The Wonder Years…I was a little older than you and watched it when it aired prime-time (first run). I think based on your age, you had to be watching re-runs??? (sorry if I’m wrong…)

    That’s odd you can’t find it on Netflix or something. hmmmmm.

  • http://www.cordialkitten.com candice

    I think the wonder years deal might be because of rights to the music? I heard that somewhere, not sure if it’s true. I’ve seen a compilation dvd but that’s it. oh I love that show too. :) and gilmore girls, of course!

  • Liz

    Oh Jed Bartlet– and Josh and Donna and Sam and CJ and Toby- and Andi, Charlie, Zoe & Danny- and Abby— and everyone else

    and Gail the fish

    best show ever

  • http://www.joyinthmorning-joy.bloodspot.com joy

    Hmmm, I may to check out Lost since you speak of it so highly.
    My top 7 in no particular order other than my favorite show is The Waltons. Faves: MASH, West Wing, Mad About You, Gilmore Girls, As Time Goes By, and currently Hawaii 5-0

  • http://runninganniemm.blogspot.com Andrea

    Oh my goodness my husband and I watched the first episode of Lost on Netflix a few weeks ago, trying to finally jump on the bandwagon since everybody we know loves the show. I could not get on board with it! Just that first episode gave me nightmares! Maybe I don’t really know what I’m missing out on…but wow, I thought it was freeeeeeky. lol

    It was fun to read your quick takes though, because I was just wondering what sitcoms and shows people watch these days. I don’t watch much tv, but what I do enjoy tends to be more of Food Network/Discovery type stuff. And I’m a huge fan of the Duggar’s show on TLC. What can I say? haha

    (I used to love The Wonder Years! What a bummer that the show isn’t available anymore!)

  • http://Songofasunflower.blogspot.com Katie

    Thank you, Sarah!! The Wonder Years?? Yes! I made a reference to The Wonder Years a couple weeks ago in conversation, and got dead stares. Love that show!!

  • http://momandthensome.blogspot.com Nicole C

    Unfortunately the only ones I can agree on are 1&2. But I can agree on both, because it’s SOOOOOO GOOOOODDDD!!! I probably would have put them as 1-7. I mean, really. Omg, I miss Lost SO much. I was totally obsessed. Scarily, even. But I digress…

    So funny about Veronica Mars. I’ve found a couple of really good ones on Netflix lately too. Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles and Dollhouse are two recent ones. Good stuff. I’ll have to check out Veronica!

  • Luci

    I’m a huge TV fan (kind of embarrassing to admit in public) but my husband is a serious TV/film buff. He was crazy about LOST (we left a wedding reception early to watch the finale — well, we’d been there a while and it was awkward anyway, but I still felt kind of bad.)

    We’ve been loving 30 Rock recently! And Neftlix also has old SNL episodes, which are HILARIOUS — definitely worth checking out.

  • http://journalofnobody.blogspot.com Kerri B.

    Gilmore Girls is such a great show. Unfortunately I’ve never watched it completely, only ever caught it in reruns here and there, but always enjoyed it. Some day I should get some DVDs of it to watch them all. I’m sure I’ll love it. The only TV sitcom I actually own all of is Friends. Growing up the Cosby Show was always a favorite in our house. More recently my husband and I have enjoyed watching Outsourced.

  • http://catholicmutt.blogspot.com CM

    You have some good ones! I love Gilmore Girls, Lost and the West Wing. Also, Netflix is awesome!

  • http://www.thecottagechild.blogspot.com the cottage child

    Lost lost me after the second season – it was when our kids were at ages that didn’t mesh with tv watching I think. But I agree, it’s very good.

    I have discovered most of the shows I love in reruns (you know, after the news, everyone else in bed). News Radio was terrific, I also loved Everybody Loves Raymond. Going back really far (I’m old!) Northern Exposure and MASH are all time faves. My newest “catch up” series is House, and we watch Outsourced and Modern Family when we can for silliness.

    I might have to check out Gilmore Girls, my BFF loved it, too.

    Be well!