7 Quick Takes Friday!


Our trip to Scranton was a success!

We got to visit with my family and got to celebrate my good friend’s bridal shower. We also got to meet the wonderful blogger (and now friend) Louise from Wonderful World of Weez.

She is so sweet in real life (and blog life) and her little girl Elise is so adorable and smart. It’s always fun to meet a fellow blogger.


Here are some photos from our trip:

Maggie’s first time climbing steps! At a rest area in Ohio where we picnicked.

This is my grandma, my uncle, and Maggie.


Our trip was great for a lot of reasons, but was not so great for my waistline. Staying in a hotel, and having to eat out quite a bit took it’s toll. I also sorely missed my kitchen!

It’s been good to get back into the swing of things, and to be able to cook our food again. Not that I love cooking so much (I like it more some times than others) but there’s something so exsquisite about being a kitchen that’s yours, if you know what I mean?


SO, the State Fair starts this weekend. We are going on Sunday. I cannot wait for Maggie to see all the animals, especially the piglets. She liked them last year when she was only 7 months old, so I think she’s going to love them now that she’s 19 months.

Also, one cannot understate the importance of a milkshake from the dairy barn and a pulled pork sandwich. Atticus always likes the elephant ear.

Maggie might even be big enough for some of the kiddie rides.

God bless my iPhone, which actually has a pretty sweet camera.


Switching gears slightly, I have a question for you ladies who have color-treated hair.

What kind of shampoo do you use? I have been using a Loreal sulfate-free one but I don’t like it. It leaves my hair feeling quite greasy. I had been using a Herbal Essences one, but I think it was making the color fade sooner. I’d really like to find a shampoo that doesn’t make the color fade, but which also is not heavy, as I have fine hair.

It’s getting to the point where my roots are b-a-d by five weeks after coloring. I wouldn’t care a whole lot, except the whole front half of my head is more than half gray. So if I let it go eight weeks I look like I’m 45 years old.

I know, I know. First world problems.


SO, this week I had both a Chick-fil-A chocolate chip cookie and a Starbucks iced coffee. Does that mean on some cosmic level they cancel each other out?

Can’t we just buy our coffee and chicken sandwiches in peace? I personally don’t care what anyone who runs a store or shop thinks personally about same-sex marriage or any other social issue. It does not affect their ability to make the product or service that I am paying them for.

Is it just me, or is it totally lame that now we can’t even shop at a store or eat a dang sandwich/coffee/delicious oreo cookie without it being some big political thing?



I don’t think I posted it here, but here is a link to my most recent post at Ignitum Today.

I wrote about Dorothy Day and how she rocks, but Catholics who can’t talk to each other don’t.

I hope you have a great weekend and go see Jen for more quick takes.

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  • http://listeningfortheshepherd.blogspot.com Thomas

    #2 I agree. Why can’t corportions mind their own business?

  • http://michelle-endlessstrength.blogspot.com Michelle

    I use Herbal Essences and have never noticed that it causing quicker fading. But my hair holds curl/color/anything pretty well overall.

    I think people have just forgotten how to say what they are for anymore. So they have to go get chicken or something. I was pondering just the other day whether high schools still had debate/forensics teams. I really hope so. I want my kids to do those so they learn how to argue properly!!

  • http://wonderfulworldofweez.blogspot.com Louise

    I’m so glad you had such a great trip! It was a great pleasure to meet you, Maggie, and Atticus (I kept having to silently remind myself that his name is not, in fact, Atticus). It was fantastic to meet you, and I hope we can meet up again someday!

    I’m so with you on #2. I’m really tired of hearing about all these kerfuffles. And now I really, really, really want an Oreo.

    Your post at Ignitum was fantastic!! That really needed to be said, and you did it so eloquently.

  • http://www.mollymakesdo.blogspot.com Molly Makes Do

    1) It looks like you had a lot of fun on your trip!

    2)I think alot of things with the Chickn’ debacle have gotten way out of hand, but part of being active in social justice is making sure that your money goes to support business with good behaviors.

    Now if you agree with Mr. CEO that’s fine and then it’s right for you to continue to support his restaurant, but “voting” with your wallet can be a powerful statement.

    I (regardless of who I agree with) don’t see how it’s any different than the hubub we caused about Susan G Komen giving money to Planned Parenthood – a higher up of a company decides to use company money to support certain organizations and people react. I’m sure there were plenty of people then just saying “Can’t I raise money for breast cancer research without it being a big political thing” too. I do think we have a responsibility to use our dollars to further our causes, whatever they are, in the name of social justice.

    But honestly what it comes down to for me is that we’re all in a stink about freedom of speech and gay rights on this subject, which is fine and good, but where’s the outrage that they’re still peddling food that is aiding the obesity epidemic in our country, that no one in those lines could probably tell you where any of that food comes from or what most of it is really made of and that the workers on the lowest rung (those getting some of the worst flack) are barely making a living wage?

    As usually we don’t have to see eye to eye on the subject – just a little food for thought.

  • Pat

    I have always respected Chick-fil-A for being closed on Sundays. It is nice for the employees. I have a teacher friend whose husband is a manager there. They enjoy attending church together on Sundays and not having to worry about conflicts with work.