7 Quick Takes Friday!


I am so jazzed about the new bloggy happenings. Also, about the conversations that are happening about American Catholicism and the rediculous boxes we have painted each other into.

Did you see?

Fr. Barron hit it out of the park (what else is new?)

and Joanne McPortland had me fist-pumping by the end of her piece.

Seriously. If you’re reading this blog and wondering what the heck is going on in American Catholicism, check out both of those pieces. Please.


For real, if I hear one more person apply American political labels to the body of Christ, I am going to punch them.

In a gentle, inclusive, guitar-Mass, pacifist kind of way. With my fists. Let me introduce you them.  Meet Social and Justice.

I’m just kidding, of course. I’m really just going to verbally punch them via the internet.


So I just realized I told you all I’d be writing about the principles of Catholic social teaching for these quick takes.

Then I quickly noticed how absurd of a promise that was to make. What I should have said was that I would be devoting an entire blog post to each of the principles of Catholic social teaching, because that is a manageable length to do them…justice. haha, pun intended.


Instead I’m going to share some cool social justice-y type books I am hoping to read and review for the site.

Let me know if any of them strike your fancy, perhaps we can read them “together”?


Being Consumed: Economics and Christian Desire by William Cavanaugh.

I have an inkling that as we explore social justice in families, a lot of it will circle around what we buy, how we buy it, who made it, how they made it, and the implications of all that.

This book looks super interesting.

And this one:

The World as It Could Be: Catholic Social Thought for a New Generation by Thomas Williams

This book is endorsed by a wide range of people, from Robert George and Mary Ann Glendon, to Archbishop Chaput. Fr. Williams teaches Catholic social thought at the Vatican. I’m in. You in?


Look, I promised no politics. And I’m reserving my thoughts on Mr. Ryan until a later time, but this is just funny, whatever you think of him:



In completely un-social justice related news, I have decided to walk a half-marathon next spring. My completely amazing and inspirational boss at work is my mom’s age (what she would be) and has walked two of them. I’m going to give it a go. By deciding to walk instead of jog or run, then if I get pregnant sometime before the race (anytime now God, if you happen to be listening), I can still do it because walking is fine during pregnancy.

That’s all I got today folks. Have a great weekend and see Jen for more quick takes!

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  • http://thatmarriedcouple.blogspot.com/ That Married Couple

    Those books sound fantastic! Your plan for the half sounds great – now off to read those articles you linked to…

  • http://motheringspirit.wordpress.com mothering spirit

    Thanks for sharing these links, especially the ones from Fr. Barron and Joanne McPortland. I couldn’t agree more, as one who has never fit easily into either side of the debate (or, rather, fits into both of the stereotypical categories that Joanne jokingly outlined). Sometimes I get so frustrated feeling like I am the only one who loves Catholic social teaching as much as I love NFP!

  • Pat

    I will read the book “The World as it Could Be”. I just placed an order for two copies (so I could save shipping costs). Maybe could can find someone who can use the second copy.

    Thanks for the recommendations.

    Go for the half marathon walk. I know you can do it.