The Feathered Nest

I had this post all ready on Sunday to post on Monday, and then, you know, the babies came. So it didn’t get published. But I wanted to share some photos of their super-cute twin nursery, and all the deets about the feathered nest.

DSCN0567View of the room from the doorway

DSCN0573Mary Cate’s crib

DSCN0575Above MC’s crib

DSCN0572Charlie’s crib

DSCN0571Crucifix from the babies god parents

DSCN0576Changing table with LOTS of diapers

DSCN0581fleet of bouncers and swings

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  • Stephanie Z

    Super cute! Congrats again, Sarah!

  • DisappearingRose

    Beautiful! Also somehow your twins must have known their room was ready and it helped them decide to come early, to join your family in the outside world and enjoy their room : )

  • Hebrews 11:1

    It could not be cuter!! I love the decor!!

  • Rebecca

    It’s awesome!! And looks SO different from when I was there – wow, I love it :). Now, I would like to request pictures of Maggie with her siblings :).

  • Pat

    You did a great job of getting ready for their arrival. Thanks for the pictures.