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This week’s five favorites are courtesy of both my husbandand Santa Claus.


Fine Dining for the Homebody

My wonderful (and terribly altruistic) husband, Atticus, gave me a Staub cast-iron dutch oven for Christmas. Friends, I have had my eye (perhaps even both eyes) on one of these for a long time.
Since we’ll be spending many, many date nights indoors in the coming year(s), it seemed such a wonderfully apt gift. I haven’t had a ton of time to cook with it yet (perhaps because of the 5 week old twins?) but I did make chili and pasta sauce over the weekend.
Fleece Lined Leggings
Yes. I know. I spotted these at the local Walgreens just in time for the descent of the arctic tundra to central Indiana.
10 bucks each pair or two pair for 12. They look like leggings, feel like sweatpants. Greatest invention ever.
Watchin’ My Shows, Readin’ My Books
Santa brought me a Kindle Fire. Basically that’s how my screen looks, only if you replaced Katy Perry with something that doesn’t suck.
Like Downton Abbey. I know I’m late to the Downton Abbey party, but since I’ve been snowed in with my new toy and an Amazon Prime membership….I may have watched all of seasons 1 and 2 in the last three days. “Why yes, yes, I do spend a lot of time sitting in a rocking chair. Why do you ask?”
Oh, and I read 2 Agatha Christie novels for $1 each. The Kindle is actually great for reading with one hand while holding/feeding a baby with the other.
Daily Prayers for Mom
My wonderful friend Elizabeth gave me the book Small Steps for Catholic Moms by Danielle Bean and Elizabeth Foss. Each day has a brief quote from a saint, a short prayer for reflection, and a small action item for the day. Each month has a theme; January is joy. Best part? Spiritual inspiration that takes less than 10 minutes!

Smell Ya Later

For our Anniversary last week, my darling husband gifted me with a new perfume which I have worn each day since. The scent combination is blood orange, gardenia, and sandalwood. I’m obsessed.
What are your five favorites this week? Go on over to Hallie’s and share.
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  • Cat W.

    I got the older Kindle Fire back when my baby was younger because my mom knew how much time I spent in that chair and thought it would help. Turns out she was right!

  • Pat

    Five favorites– Family in Indy, in Nashville, in Chattanooga, and West Lafayette– All are in a tie for #1. Number 5 this week? The beauty of the snow!