7 Quick Takes Friday: I’m 30 Edition


Tuesday was my 30th birthday. I know, right. It’s a big one.

It was a wonderful day in a lot of respects. I got to have breakfast with Atticus (and only Atticus). Our first meal alone in a few months. Glorious.

In the afternoon Maggie and I headed to the best mall around for some walking, clearance rack looking, and frozen yogurt. She had chocolate with strawberries. I had chocolate peanut butter with dark chocolate chips. I love love spending time one on one with my darling girl. A rare treat and gift indeed.


In other news, I now know I am old. Instead of buying the discounted nude patent leather Cole Haan stilettos I was eying, I bought a pair of rain boots instead.

Adorable, shiny rain boots. But. Rain boots instead of gorgeous heels.

photo 2(1)

photo 4

I even got to wear them Thursday, since it rained and all the snows is melting.


I missed 5 favorites (blogging about dead last on my list of priorities right now), so I’m going to share one of my favorites from this week:


It combines two of my favorite things: Apple products and Dead Poets Society


And here’s my obligatory “I’m 30” selfie. What? Is that not a thing?

photo(2)Ok, so I’m just really excited about my red lipstick and wanted to share.


In other news, I’m going to

The Edel Gathering!

This is my wonderful husband’s birthday gift to me. I’m so excited to spend time with Jen, Hallie, Molly, Bonnie, Grace, Dwija, Sarah, Jess, and so many other new friends!

Now I just need some “crazy shoes”. I wonder if black knee-high rain boots in July in Texas counts as crazy? What do you think?


Have you read Daring Greatly?

If not, you need to. Everyone needs to. It is really challenging (i.e. I want to throw it across the room at least once a day), but so good.

Its inspired me to commit myself in my 30th year to putting myself out there in my writing and my life in ways I have only dreamed of doing, but feared, for so very long. More to follow.


Last, but most assuredly not least, I have the most wonderful friends. This weekend they are throwing me a Downton Abbey theme party for my birthday. I know, right? Best friends ever.

Of course I’m obsessing about my outfit. Let’s say I’m going for a general Lady Mary look, but with Lady Edith’s hair because mine is not even close to long enough for a Mary-style.

I am going to have several cocktails, listen to jazz music, and hopefully get at least a few pictures of us in full Downton dress.

For other quick take goodness, go see Jen!

photo 1(1)Charlie and Mary Cate — 11 weeks old

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  • Victoria

    Never tell yourself you are OLD, it breaks down the mindful body, be strong and learn wisdom, what a gift you are and have.

  • http://joyinthemorning-joy.blogspot.com joymhb

    Sounds like your new year is off to a great start. Enjoy!

  • http://eleanorestrong.com/ Eleanore

    Happy 30th birthday, friend. :) Chicago misses you…and so do I.

  • http://michelle-endlessstrength.blogspot.com Michelle @ Endless Strength

    Those babies are so cute!

    Happy Birthday! enjoy your party!

  • Pat

    Thank you for writing. Thank you for the video clip. Poetry!! I did see that movie when it came out. I would enjoy seeing it again.

  • http://catholicmutt.blogspot.com Catholic mutt

    Happy birthday! Sounds like some great celebrations, both that you’ve already had and that you have planned. Enjoy!

  • http://Www.graceandpressure.blogspot.com Grace

    Happy birthday! Cheers!

  • http://blessedtobeblog.blogspot.com Stephanie

    Happy 30th birthday! Loving the boots and loving the red lipstick! And a Downton Abbey birthday party sounds FANTASTIC!