Announcing our new Rogue Geek Tech Editor….

Hey Everyone,

As I keep promising, we are going to keep adding features here on Geek Goes Rogue. In the next few weeks, a bunch of cool writers and editors are going to be joining us. Can’t wait for you to meet them all.

To that end, allow me to introduce Kim Upton, our new Geek Tech Editor.

When the word geek still meant a freaky circus performer, Kim Upton was falling in love with the fascinating world of technology. At age 11 she befuddled Radio Shack employees by creating a program that wrote, “Kim was here” on all the computer screens. Residing on a small plot of land in Kentucky with her family, she tells stories about her chickens, works as a professional photographer, and writes. It is also her hope to make napping an Olympic sport. You can find out more at her website.

Thanks for joining us, Kim!

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