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Welcome to my inaugural post on Geek Goes Rogue. As posted, I am Kim, the Rogue Geek Tech Editor.  Technology is an ever-changing modality that can often come back upon itself.  It is my hope to provide interesting, pertinent and up-to-date information that will give you radical street cred among other geeks.

Without further ado, let’s jump in.

One of the strongest memories from my childhood is reading an issue of Popular Science at a relative’s house.  Each page was an exploration into the world of technology, taking my mind to far away places. Right before my eyes the world of science fiction was becoming a reality of science fact.  Humanity was growing in its ability to take simple tools and make them complex organized machines. The articles made me excited, and at times a little apprehensive, for the future.

And so began my love of all things technology related.

Let me take a moment to deal with the difference between science and technology.  In the broadest of terms, science is the study of people, places, things and concepts. Information is organized into categories for other scientists to use and observe.  Technology builds upon the information from science, creating tools that improve, or solve, a particular issue.  The two can meet in a sci-tech sort of way, as is the case with NASA funding development of 3D printers to make pizza, or advancing robotics with a mechanical four legged “cat.”

While faith and spirituality are a big part of my life, I have never believed that science or technology are in opposition to religion and belief systems.  Moral and ethical concerns go across the board – whether one believes in a creator deity or not – and it is not my place to sway you to my personal understanding of the great mystery.

Lastly, but most importantly, I’d like to thank Jonathan for granting me passage here at Geek Goes Rogue.  I look forward to being here in the amazing online space he has created.


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