Breaking Bad Finale Watch: 5 Days and Counting…

From Geek Goes Rogue TV Editor Zach Lorton, as told to by the single fortune cookie in the kitchen who is calling his name:

“Say my name.”

The day is drawing nearer, and I’m getting more and more antsy.  Seriously, I’m doing pretty much everything short of actually smoking Blue Meth trying to keep myself from obsessing about the final 8 episodes of “Breaking Bad”, which begins its final run on Sunday, August 11th.

However, a few things are helping me cope.  Vulture is still running its “Breaking Bad” countdown calendar, and today’s special is from Rob Ives, who has come up with a way you can make your very own paper Heisenberg character.  I’ll be downloading this and giving it my best shot in my spare time, of which I have none.


For those uninitiated to the series, The Fine Bros. have put together a video giving you the basics of the first 4.5 seasons of “Breaking Bad” in 8 minutes.  It goes by in a flash, but you’ll still enjoy it.


And finally, AMC has not only made their 2013 Comic Con trailer available online…


…but they have also posted an article on their website giving you ten ways to prepare for the final episodes.  Worth taking a look.

Whatever happens between now and then, don’t drop the fulminated mercury.

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