Football Thoughts

Well, evil won over good in the Patriot’s victory over the Colts, so Western civilization is doomed, but we already knew that. Meanwhile, the Packers have the same record as the Colts, with Brett Favre enjoying a remarkable second wind in his stellar career. As an Oklahoma Sooner, I am proud of how team-alumnus Adrian Peterson broke the NFL single-gamerushing record by pouring on 296 yards for the Vikings, and this as a mere rookie! Another ex-Sooner distinguishing himself is former offense coach Mark Mangino, the big, big man who is now head coach at the University of Kansas. That team came from nowhere, unranked and unheralded, and is undefeated, with a 9-0 record. The Jayhawks are now ranked #5 nationally, are #4 in the BCS computer rankings, and are #2 in both scoring offense and scoring defense. This reminds me that, just as I attended the University of Oklahoma, I also attended the University of Kansas, and this performance is stirring within me long-dormant loyalties and school spirit.

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