“Katrina without the Water”?

I flew over Atlanta a couple of weeks ago and looked down on lakes shrinking and going dry. Atlanta has as little as 80 days of water left. Smaller places in Georgia are already trucking in water, but that is hardly an option for a huge metropolis. Not just Georgia, but other areas in the south, including here in Virginia, are facing a water crisis. So is the southwest, parts of the midwest, and countries around the world. Read this. Part of the problem has been an absence of hurricanes! The governor of Georgia is leading prayers for rain. Good for him, despite wide-spread mockery. But what will happen if the faucets run dry?

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  • Don S

    God has promised to provide our daily needs, but we sure hate it when we have to rely on that promise, don’t we? We like to have our “barns” full — stocked up to ensure our future. Hopefully, what will come out of this is an awareness of our dependence on God.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  • There’s always Coors.

  • Funny, scientists said two years ago that global warming would flood the southeastern US with all the extra rain that would fall. They also said global warming would cause us to have many devastating hurricanes the last two years as well. Funny how scientists don’t actually know anything.

    And it’s very sad to not have water. Hopefully, God answers prayers for rain soon. Or, maybe he’ll answer in other ways. We’ll see soon enough.

  • Geremy (@3), can you cite some references? I have not heard of these predictions.

    “Funny how scientists don’t actually know anything.” As written, that’s a rather ridiculous statement.