End-of-the-world series

The Phillies won the World Series in a twice rain-delayed, Obama-pre-empted, three-inning make-up game. This is not a good augury.

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  • jgernander

    However, as an Astros fan I am really happy for former Astro Brad Lidge. His perfect record in save opportunities throughout BOTH the regular season and the playoffs is a truly remarkable feat.

    Jerry Gernander

  • Don S

    As a long-suffering Phillies fan, I will gladly take a Phillies world championship (twice now in its 125 year history) regardless of the circumstances. Enjoy the moment, Philadelphia!

  • Sam

    For the record, Obama did not pre-empt the game. That slander was contradicted by no less than the Fox network itself.

  • Bob E

    Two things bothered me about the series:
    1. The terrible umpiring that seemed to favor the Phillies.
    2. The weather which wouldn’t be a problem if the series was held earlier in October like it used to be before the money grubbing Major League Baseball leadership instituted the worthless and unfair playoffs that potentially keep the teams that won the most during the regular season (and therefore deserve to play each other for the championship) from being in the series.