Brewer becomes a Yankee

Well, the Brewers’ rent-a-super-pitcher C. C. Sabathia was snapped up by the New York Yankees with a
$161 million, seven-year contract. One of my students at Concordia in Mequon wrote an essay complaining about how baseball players make millions of dollars, while teachers make so little. I made the useful comment that very few teachers can either hit or throw a curveball so why would anyone pay them millions of dollars?

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  • Joe

    I have to say I really don’t think there is much to the whole sports figures make too much money lament. They make exactly what the market for their profession sets as the right price. If people stop buying tickets and gear the market will correct itself and players will make less.

  • Don S

    I agree with Joe. There is a willing seller and a willing buyer, so the price must be right. I suspect, based on recent stories, that the various sports leagues are starting to recognize that times are going to be tougher during the upcoming year, and we will see some reduction in these superstar contracts as a result.

  • Efrem

    I would agree with your statements if STeinbrenner’s New Yankee Stadium was fully funded thorough private funds. As it is the City of New York ponied up half of the funds for stadium construction, giving them an unfair advantage over smaller markets.