My rare Art Book for sale cheap

I have come into possession of some extra copies of my book Painters of Faith: The Spiritual Landscape in 19th Century America, and I thought I’d make them available to you, the members of the global Cranach community. The book was published by Regnery in a limited edition, so it’s gotten quite rare and in demand, selling at Amazon currently for $275. I’ll let you have it for list price plus postage, a total of $50. (Then you can turn around and sell it on Amazon, making $225 profit.)

The Newington-Cropsey Foundation, which is dedicated to America’s first artistic movement, the Hudson River School, commissioned me to do a study of these artists’ religious beliefs. I had always assumed they were just romantics or transcendentalists, such were their stunning depictions of awe-inspiring natural vistas, but to my surprise I found that Thomas Cole, Jasper Cropsey, and Frederic Church were, in fact, dedicated Christians who had thought long and hard about how their faith related to their seemingly secular art. My book puts them in the context of the tradition of Protestant art (most Protestants today not even realizing they have a tradition of art), explores the influence of John Ruskin’s distinctly Christian aesthetic theories, and offers close readings of some amazing paintings. The publishers designed it as a coffee-table book, with huge, gorgeous reproductions of the paintings that I discuss. If you don’t care about what I have to say about them, the pictures alone will give you great pleasure. I’ll also sign your book.

HT: my daughter Joanna Hensley, who, with her Pay-Pal account, is handling the business side. To buy, just click the button below.

Painters of Faith cover

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  • This book is on my “Veith shelf” in my office, and is beautiful and compelling. I’m sorry to hear that it sounds like it is going out of print or hard to find, but it’s great! Buy it.

    -Todd Peperkorn

  • Thanks, Todd. The publishers only printed a few, so it’s been sold out and out of print for some time.

  • LAJ

    I love your book, State of the Arts, and would love to have this one also. Unfortunately, it’s not in the budget! Your descriptions of some of the paintings in the other move me to tears!

  • A hearty “recommend”! I’ve had this one since it was published. Now I’m going to have to pull it off the shelf and read it again.

  • GreatRon

    I know this is totally cheap, but here goes…

    WANTED Working Classical and Christian school teacher with no budget (and Cranach reader) looking for half-price discount on already discounted Veith “Painters of Faith” book for use in class. Will not be reselling. All interested author-sellers named Veith encouraged to apply.

  • Here’s a working Classical and Christian teacher with no budget who will forgo food (or at least coffee, which is almost as dramatic) for the next month to buy one! I just placed my order, and I’m contemplating ordering another for a friend. This absolutely made my day!! I teach art at Rockbridge Academy and this has been on my Amazon “wishlist” forever… Every once in a while, I’ve gone back to the Amazon page to gaze longlingly at it and wonder if maybe I should go ahead and make the $275 plunge: I’ve used your article “The American Sublime” as the basis for many discussions in Aesthetics class. THANK YOU, Mr. Vieth, for this early Christmas gift!

  • Ooop. I mean Mr. “Veith”… (Please send me the book even though I spelled your name wrong 🙂 I was just so excited!)

  • Nate Knutson

    I ordered one but did not discuss it with my wife. Given our current financial status I should not have ordered it. I was hoping to get a refund and sent Joanna an email but have not received a response. Hopefully this reaches you or her before you send me the book.

  • GreatRon

    Heidi, I don’t even drink coffee! I suppose I could give up shaving cream and grow a beard. I’ll think of it as early Lent. 🙂

  • GreatRon: You DON’T drink coffee? And you teach at a Classical Christian School? Are you SURE? (Maybe your board is slipping caffine into your drinking water and you’re just unaware…) 🙂

  • Joanna Hensley

    That’s fine, Nate. Don’t worry about it.

  • Booklover

    I’m just curious–why does a publisher print only a few copies, driving up the price?

  • Marci

    Just as I clicked to complete the payment, I saw the link to have the book signed – but alas, I missed it!!
    No, I’m not going to re-sell it! But I would like it signed by Dr. Veith. I am giving it to my daughter who is an art student at Biola. I love encouraging my very own Christian artist!! GREAT Christmas gift!!
    Dr. Veith, did I miss it? What book did you choose for your time on the airplane? And what did you think of it?

  • Marci, we’ll e-mail you and get the details.

    For my airplane book, I picked a WWII thriller by Alan Furst. That was recommended by Bruce Gee, with whom, I have learned from earlier experience, I share a taste in books. I’ll get to a bunch of the others!

    Booklover, the publisher didn’t purposefully drive the price up, since they don’t get any of it. Art books are expensive to produce, so they generally have limited runs.

  • Dr. Veith, Thank you for the opportunity to purchase your book. I was worried that I would be too late as I wasn’t online at all on Friday due to traveling and but for a short while to check email and a quick post over the weekend. I can’t wait to see it!

  • Booklover

    Thank you for the answer. (#14)

  • richard

    Christmas present for my wife! oh, yes!

  • Helen

    I am blessed in my friends! I didn’t know this book existed until someone more alert gave me one.

    Thank you for another autograph, Dr. Veith.
    [I got the other one in Brenham.] 🙂

    God bless all with a happy Christmas!

  • Just got the three books as gifts to relatives and I just ordered one more for me!