March for Life

On the mall of our nation’s Capitol, where two days earlier over a million people gathered to celebrate the inauguration of Barack Obama, pro-lifers will march today to commemorate and mourn the passage of Roe v. Wade, legalizing our national holocaust. Attend in your mind and in your prayers the March for Life.

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  • CRB

    Has anyone seen anything at all in the t.v. media about the Pro-life rally in D.C. or about the planners of this rally inviting the new President? So far, I’ve seen nothing!

  • Tom

    I didn’t see anything, but I know people who attended. It is sad that it doesn’t get covered. I guess Fox News had a 30 blurb about it. One third of a generation is not even born and the anniversary of this silent holocaust stays that way, silent.

  • Booklover

    I was the media representative for our city’s (Billings, Montana) Right to Life chapter in the early 90’s. The March for Life coverage in our city’s gazette was the same as I’ve seen in every single newspaper since. Here are some tactics used:

    1. Pictures of the March for Life are rare. If there is a picture, it is always of a male, or perhaps of a small child. The idea is to lead one to think that children are coerced, and that abortion is only favored by men. In real life, the march is filled with young, beautiful, vibrant, joyous people of all stripes. But you won’t see them in a picture.

    2. This year’s march had 300,000 people. The previous two years had about 200,000. News will report “thousands,” or if we’re lucky “tens of tousands.” Masses of people are never mentioned; likewise a photo showing masses of people will NEVER be shown.

    3. If a pro-life person is quoted in the article, it will be a man, preferrably one whom the reporter will hope to be taken as an angry repressed religionist. I have not seen a female quoted. The article will lead to a discussion of the pro-choice view, ending with a quote from a Planned Parenthood official.

    I am not surprised to see that things have not changed. Those of us who are pro-life must work for life because we think it is right; not for any recognition, because we won’t get any.

  • Booklover

    “The idea is to lead one to think that children are coerced, and that abortion is only favored by men.”

    Oops. Of course this is supposed to read, “The idea is to lead one to think that children are coerced, and that *the pro-life view* is only favored by men.”