Special Roe v. Wade Anniversary Edition

On January 22, 1973, the Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade legalized abortion. Today is the opposite of a holiday; it is an unholy-day. But we need to mark this day nonetheless.

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  • sucks sharing a birthday with that.

  • Floyd Bass, SSP

    Happy Birthday!
    I know what you mean. My birthday is a ‘national day of mourning’. I was born on November 22nd, the day that JFK was assassinated, and the day that C.S. Lewis died.

  • Sad day in millions of ways. Just a note: Was it not 1973?

  • Orianna Laun

    On the 30th “anniversary” of Roe v. Wade, I was teaching at a small Lutheran High School. We had chapel and the pastor asked everyone under 30 to stand up. Only the principal and one teacher remained seated. The pastor then pointed out that everyone standing could have been legally aborted under this decision. It was an eye-opening experience for those students to see that not only could they have lost classmates, they could have lost teachers.

  • Carl Vehse

    It is an anniversary date that should bring renewed demands for a Nuremberg-type trials for those who have promoted, legislated, issued decisions, funded, and maintained such genocidal practices.

  • Dan Kempin

    Margaret Sanger was even banned by hitler.

    (I read that somewhere . . . can anyone here reference it?)

  • Happy Birthday Bror!

    May R v.W die as soon as the Lord sees fit. May the Lord wrap this whole thing up asap.

    This sin soaked world will never repair itself.

    Bror, have scotch and sliders! It’s your day!

  • Efrem

    At least John F. Kennedy did something good by appointing Byron White to the bench. He and Rehnquist were the only dissenters in the Roe v. Wade case. I think one can offer thanks to these two men as well as Henry Wade who argued to retain the restrictions by placing a flower on their graves tomorrow. A find-a-grave search will help you locate them. White’s grave is in Denver, Rehnquist’s is in Arlington and Henry Wade’s grave is in Dallas.

  • I’ve often wondered about changing my birthday to the day after or before, at least the celebration of it. One should not be able to celebrate his life on a day when so many lives ought to be mourned.

  • Bryan Lindemood

    Happy to be a survivor, so very sad that so many of my peers’ lives and voices have been snuffed out so unnecessarily by this holocaust.

    This is a national sin and we are all complicit in allowing Roe v. Wade to continue to stand.

    Get involved quietly in local government now, please all you who are not pastors. Many quiet voices need you!

  • ELB

    Here is a very remarkable account of the “Roe” of “Roe v. Wade” that emphasizes the role of the gospel in this conflict.


    (A review by a professor at Bethany Lutheran College.)

  • ELB

    I’ll try that link again:


    For some reason you have to cut and paste it into your browser – but it’s worth it.

  • CRB

    Has anyone seen anything at all the t.v. media about the Pro-life rally in D.C. or about the planners of this rally inviting the new President? So far, I’ve seen nothing!

  • Don S

    Happy Birthday Bror! Even on the darkest of days, there is always a bright spot.

    A slight correction to the post – as Les Prouty already pointed out @ 3, the infamous decision came down in 1973, rather than 1974. An extra year during which our country has proclaimed the murder of innocent life as an unassailable constitutional right.

  • Thanks for the correction. I’ll change it.

  • Christ’s love, communicated in actions and not just in words, transformed America’s most infamous abortion advocate into a Christian defender of purity and life. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if no one could ever hear the phrase “Roe v. Wade” without remembering “Jane Roe’s” repentance and Christ’s forgiveness?

    Read this marvelous story at http://www.hausvater.org/mccorveywonbylove.php.

  • Dan Kempin

    #6. “Modern Fascism”

  • LAJ

    Even though Germany has a horrible stain because of Hitler and the Nazi’s, we still remember God’s mercy in sending Martin Luther and Johann Sebastian Bach from the land of Germany. While we must remember that date and mourn, there must be plenty of other blessings to celebrate on that date including your birthday, Bror. Thank you for your positive remark, Law & Gospel!

  • Tom

    The media has ignored this from what I have seen, I have not watched closely. I did have Fox on earlier and they were focused on the new administration. It is scary to know that Obama will be spending tax dollars on abortions and over seas on top of it. It makes me sad to be American because we don’t stand up for silent children being murdered!

  • CRB

    #19 Tom, yes, what really counts with Americans is the stock market, the economy and maintaining our spoiled life style. May God have mercy on us!