An opera about Katie Luther

Remember Lori Lewis, who used to be a frequent commenter on this blog?  She is a musician who used to be involved with the contemporary Christian music scene, discovered confessional Lutheranism, and became a critic of that genre.  Now she’s a professional opera singer (as well as the mind behind the online lifestyle and arts magazine Everyday Opera).  Her latest project:  an opera about Katharine von Bora, the fascinating wife of Martin Luther.

Here is Lori’s report:

I’m excited to tell you about the brand new one woman Opera about “Katie Luther”. I am an LCMS Lutheran who is a professional Opera singer and owner of the Online Magazine

I will be the main soprano singing the piece(though there will be other Katie’s as well)Inline image 1 which was written by Dr. Glenn Winters of VA. Opera. I asked him to compose it based on the Play that Dr. Paul Schrieber and I conceived of and which he wrote! I have been invited to sing it around the Country! It’s premier will be this coming Oct. in Baltimore , DC and more. The dream is to sing it in Wittenberg Germany with the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 2017

Concordia Publishing House is interested in doing some CO-OP with our project! A successful Nashville Talent Agency is managing the project which will increase our reach. We have a chance to take it to the Edinberg Festival in Scotland next year!

Through my site,, we reached 3 million people last year! Here is an article by the composer on the project

I created a Katie Luther Facebook Page a few days ago


Follow “Katie’s” Pages above, we really appreciate the support!

Lori Lewis
Founder –


Here is the composer’s description of the opera, both the story and the music:   A Voice For Katie Luther | Everyday Opera.

Katie Bora Luther

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  • JonSLC

    Kate Luther was a remarkable woman. (I might recommend the Markwald biography of her published by CPH. Not an extremely lively read, but full of well-documented insights.) Kate was a gifted manager of the Luther household, which was no small feat due to her husband’s over-the-top hospitality and generosity, which was challenging during Luther’s life and which left her with little to live on after he died. I found especially interesting in the book learning about her relationships with other men and women of Wittenberg: her active participation in the Table Talk, her close friendship with several women and her cool relationship with others, like Katherine Melanchthon. A gifted Christian woman in many ways.

    I’m sure an opera based on her life will be fascinating! I wish Ms. Lewis well.

  • Hanni

    I would probably have been unaware of Kate, the opera, LLori, or the website without this post. Vielen Dank

  • Cool!