Opening Day

In yet another day marking the renewal that is Spring, today is the new baseball season’s Opening Day.  (That it falls on April Fools’ Day is just a coincidence.)  In observance of this significant holiday for us baseball fans, I will link to this column by E. J. Dionne, linking baseball to religion, a notion that I sort of understand but ultimately reject:  Hope’s opening day.

So keeping in mind that Opening Day is when hope springs eternal and all teams are tied and anybody can win, who do you think will win the World Series?

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  • Well, despite the Rangers opening night loss to the Astros (who looked extremely formidable), I still say the Rangers will go deep into the playoffs. I believe we’ll win the World Series, but it’s a long season. I am more inclined to think it will go to the Tigers or Nationals. But I will predict the Angels WON’T make the World Series.

  • Orianna Laun

    My predictions have been quite off lately here, but I will be bold enough to predict that two teams will, indeed, make it to the World Series. I will also predict that games between the Cubs and the Cardinals will have high attendance, and that the memory of Stan the Man will pervade Busch Stadium this season.

  • sg

    April 1st to do list:

    watch baseball


  • This’ll be the year for my Cubbies, I’m sure. Or not. :^)

  • fjsteve

    Wrong thread, bubba. 🙂

  • Well, I was going to comment on my ‘Stros laying the smack down, but I see someone beat me to it 😉

  • CW2


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  • Angels over Nats in 6.

  • DonS

    fjsteve @ 5: +1 🙂

    Although Samardzija certainly had a great outing today.

    My teams are the Angels and Phillies, then Dodgers. The Phillies are too old. On paper, the Angels look like strong contenders, but we will have to see. Same for the Dodgers. On paper, we might be looking at a Freeway Series, but paper teams often fall way short of expectations.