The sermon at Justice Scalia’s funeral

At Justice Scalia’s funeral, his son, Rev. Paul Scalia, a priest, gave the sermon.  Compare it to other funeral eulogies and sermons that you have heard lately.  This one was not about his father’s accomplishments, his good works, and sentimental memories about him.  It was about Jesus.

From Transcript: Rev. Paul Scalia’s eulogy for his father, Justice Antonin Scalia, USA Today:

We are gathered here because of one man. A man known personally to many of us, known only by reputation to even more. A man loved by many, scorned by others. A man known for great controversy, and for great compassion. That man, of course, is Jesus of Nazareth.

It is He whom we proclaim. Jesus Christ, son of the father, born of the Virgin Mary, crucified, buried, risen, seated at the right hand of the Father. It is because of him. because of his life, death and resurrection that we do not mourn as those who have no hope, but in confidence we commend Antonin Scalia to the mercy of God.

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