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Obama allows U.S. airstrikes in Iraq

As Islamic State routed tough Kurdish forces (the largest pro-American group in Iraq), drawing near to Americans still in Erbil, President Obama has given the go-ahead for airstrikes “if necessary.”  He also said we would drop food and water to the sectarian Muslims that Islamic State is starving out on a mountaintop.

UPDATE:  The bombing has begun.

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How to identify a narcissist

Psychologists have used a 40-question test to diagnose the condition of narcissism, a syndrome of extreme self-regard and lack of empathy for others.  A study has determined, though, that it is possible to diagnose narcissism by asking the subject only one question.  And that question is. . . . [Read more…]

Effects of churches that teach vocation?

A Baylor study has found that people who attend churches that teach God’s presence in the workplace and the like have better job satisfaction, higher commitment to their work, and a stronger entrepreneurial spirit.  But is this really what the doctrine of vocation is all about? [Read more…]

What percentage of Americans are gay?

According to the first large-scale study of the question, only 1.6% of American adults identified themselves as being gay or lesbian.  Almost half as many, .7%, said they were bisexual.  It had earlier been assumed that the percentage of homosexuals in the population was at least twice this number. [Read more…]

Pope says 1 in 50 priests is a pedophile

In another controversial interview, Pope Francis said that Vatican research has found that 2% of priests–including bishops and cardinals–are pedophiles.  That comes to 1 in 50 of the 414,000 priests.  He also said that he planned to find a “solution” for priestly celibacy, noting as Protestants have always said, that the requirement was not instituted for the first 900 years of Christendom. [Read more…]

What happened to all of the cults?

Not long ago, people were worried about cults.  Their teenagers and young adults would run off and join the Moonies, the Hare Krishnas, or the Children of God and not be seen of again.  Often, parents hired “deprogrammers” to abduct the son or daughter who was caught up in the cult and to conduct a process of reverse brainwashing.  Why aren’t we hearing about that sort of thing anymore?  Many of these groups are still around, but the general fear of them seems to have gone.   Religion scholar Philip Jenkins has some theories, after the jump, and I propose some of my own. [Read more…]