French President Emmanuel Macron and American President Donald Trump disagree on just about everything–economics, immigration, the Middle East, climate change, you name it.  And yet in Macron’s recent state visit to the U.S., the two got along swimmingly.  President Trump called his French counterpart “perfect”!  How is that possible? Columnist Marc Thiessen observed that Macron treated Trump with respect.  Which prompted Trump to treat him with respect.  Thiessen notes our current political and governmental dysfunctions, blaming Democrats for projecting nothing but… Read more

In yesterday’s post on Luther and Trump, we drew on the work of economist Lyman Stone, who describes himself as “a theologically confessional Lutheran and politically conservative Republican,” and elsewhere as a member of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.  In discussing the various claims that Martin Luther gave us Donald Trump, he does an excellent job of explaining what Luther’s political teachings really entail. Stone acknowledges that Lutherans, especially in the state churches of Europe, have often misapplied the Doctrine… Read more

Ours is seemingly a polarized society, but the extreme “left” and the extreme “right” have more in common than they realize.  In fact, the postmodernist academy with its identity politics, moral relativism, and power reductionism and the Ayn Rand objectivists with their “virtue of selfishness” and social Darwinism  share a common philosophy:  that of Friedrich Nietzsche. So says Boston University Professor M. D. Aeschliman: We live in an unusually anomalous culture whose politics and economics are now dominated by Nietzscheans… Read more

Did Martin Luther give us Donald Trump?  Are Lutherans responsible for getting Trump elected?  This is what some writers are saying. Whether you think Luther’s alleged complicity with Trump would be a good thing or a bad thing, most of these writers see it as bad.  In doing so, they tend to get Luther wildly wrong.  But in the midst of all of these claims, one writer gives us a very good explanation of Luther’s teachings about politics. Alec Ryrie… Read more

  Many evangelicals are giving up the term “evangelical.”  They are embarrassed by their movement’s seemingly uncritical embrace of Donald Trump.  They are frustrated that non-Christians associate the label with culture-war issues, such as opposition to abortion and homosexuality, instead of with their religious beliefs.  And they want to avoid the negative connotation that the word has acquired among the people they would like to reach. My fellow Patheos blogger Chris Gehrz, who belongs to the Evangelical Covenant Church (which… Read more

“I believe in God.”  That sounds like a straightforward statement.  But what God do you believe in?  And what do you believe about God?  Conversely, if you don’t believe in God, what God do you not believe in?  A new Pew Study delves into some of these complexities in a research report entitled When Americans Say They Believe in God, What Do They Mean?  And the findings are rather surprising. The study asked a wide spectrums of Americans whether they believed in… Read more

China and India have been practicing gendercide–that is, the systematic abortion of female babies–for decades.  Now those countries are paying the price.  Men in those countries, the most populous nations on earth, outnumber women by 70 million.  That means 70 million men have no prospects for marriage, which is causing unforeseen social, psychological, and cultural problems. Under China’s “one child policy,” citizens were only allowed to have one child.  Most families wanted that child to be a boy.  So if… Read more

An increasing number of Americans say that they are “spiritual but not religious.”  That is, they don’t participate in any organized religion, but they do have their own individual, personal “spirituality.”  Is that private, interior spiritual sensibility the same, for all practical purposes, as a religion?  Can the increasingly-recognized benefits of religion be found also in those who are just “spiritual”?  A new study suggests not. Psychology Today reports on research that has found that those who are “spiritual but… Read more

Unemployment would be completely ended with a program that would give every America who wanted a job employment with the federal government, which would pay $15 per hour, plus health care benefits. That is the proposal of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt).  Two other potential Democratic presidential nominees, Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), also came out for federally-guaranteed jobs. Under Sen. Sanders’ plan, the Americans thus employed by the federal government would work to rebuild the national… Read more

Google has banned remarketing ads from Concordia Publishing House, the publishing company of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, because they mention “Jesus” and the “Bible.” Carl Vehse brought this up in a comment, I saw CPH president Bruce Kintz’s tweet, and I read the Federalist article, but I had trouble believing it.  Surely, this was just a mistake.  But no.  I contacted CPH and confirmed that it is true.  In fact, CPH asked Google to review the decision twice, at… Read more

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