Being Christian without believing in God

In Judaism, it’s fairly common to hear, “I’m an atheist, but I’m culturally Jewish.”  So why can’t a person be an atheist but culturally Christian?

It turns out that some people like going to church–singing hymns, performing rituals, being part of a community, getting morally inspired–but they have trouble with the God part.  An op-ed by Alana Massey calls for churches to make a space for unbelievers who nevertheless want to be “cultural Christians.” [Read more...]

Mike Huckabee is running for President

Now former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee has announced that he too is running for president.  The former Baptist minister has impeccable credentials for social conservatives, though financial conservatives will never forgive him for once raising taxes.  But what sets Huckabee apart from the crowd is that he is also a populist, championing the cause of working-class Americans.

He had perhaps the best line of the last presidential primary election, saying that he reminds people of the guy they work with, whereas Mitt Romney reminds them of the guy who lays them off.  Political reporter Chris Cillizza says, after the jump, that Republicans should be glad Huckabee is in the race because he is one of the few candidates who can credibly reach blue collar voters.

Would he be a good president?  Does he have a chance? [Read more...]

“The sacraments are what make the church relevant”

Yesterday we blogged about Rachel Held Evan’s contention that church growth techniques designed to reach Millennials–contemporary worship, attempts to make church relevant, efforts to make Christianity seem cool–do not, in fact, work.  Her suggestion instead:   “Keep worship weird.”  That is, recover the sacraments.  “The sacraments,” she says, “are what make the church relevant.” [Read more...]

Islamic terrorists attack Muhammad cartoons in Texas

A free speech group sponsored an exhibit of cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad in Garland, Texas, a suburb of Dallas.  Predictably, this drew the ire of Muslims, for whom any depiction of their prophet is blasphemous.  So two terrorists attacked the exhibit with gunfire, but were killed by police officers.  The question is, were these homegrown terrorists, or is there an al-Qaeda or ISIS connection?

UPDATE:  ISIS is claiming responsibility.

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Carly Fiorina is running for president

Carly Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlitt-Packard, announced that she is running for president.  The pro-life businesswoman says that she can counter the appeal of Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.

Do you think she would be good?  Should someone holding the office of President of the United States have prior political experience?  How about Carly Fiorina for Vice-President? [Read more...]

Church growth tactics don’t work with Millennials

Rachel Held Evans was something of an evangelical renegade who left the church for awhile, only to come back recently as an Episcopalian.  In an op-ed piece, she explains that the church growth tactics that churches try to use to reach her Millennial generation just don’t work.  “Young people don’t simply want a better show,” she says.  “And trying to be cool might be making things worse.”

After the jump, a link and an excerpt to her piece, giving data to back up her claim.  But tomorrow we’ll post about what she says WILL make Christianity relevant to her generation. [Read more...]